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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pains and Hurricanes

Well, Kara you are a Pain and I wish a metaphorical Hurricane would blow you out of the Judges seat next year and deposit you back in obscurity. Joni Mitchell you are not. Or Carole King. Or anyone that matters really. Have you ever heard such a lame song?

Ok, on to the show. Adam's first version of Mad World was better. Kris' second version of Ain't No Sunshine was better. Simon Fuller was pretty cute with his song choices. Change Is Gonna Come was an anthem of the civil rights movement so let gay Adam sing that as a shout out for Gay Rights...plus its a big song. Lets give that little redneck Kris who goes to church a lot some anti-war folk song with about 4 notes in it. How was he going to make that song any bigger than he did? Add some trumpets to it or something? Especially on a week when he has to prepare 3 songs to perform.

Then they sing that bad song co-written by Kara (she wrote the lyrics) and certainly written with Adam and Danny in mind. I thought Kris did an admirable job with what he had to work with there but as the song was tailor made for Adam...is it any wonder the key was too high? I'm sorry Kara but pains and hurricanes are not rows and floes of angel hair and never will be.

I am voting for Kris because I like his phrasing. I won't be unhappy if Adam wins as he does have an incredible voice. Both seem like really nice people. I think one of the reasons I cannot bring myself to vote for Adam is the hysteria of his fans on the Official Idol Website forum boards. If you say anything nice about anyone other than Adam, you are crucified. I've started ending all my posts...on whatever topic....with the phrase *Adam is really talented* just so I won't get kicked off again.

Tomorrow will be the end of our blog :( until next year. Thanks to our followers who have suffered through our comments all this season.

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  1. Your followers will miss your insightful, incisive commentary.