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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, Lil is out of her misery and they won't have Anoop to kick around any more. I was pretty scared for Allison and thinking you stupid judges you wasted the save on hat man Jack when you could have used it for her. I'm hoping Matt is next. The good news is that maybe next week HE will be in the bottom 3. How much meditating does HE have to do to figure out HE dances like a jerk?

KK, love the clip of Kara bursting in on Randy's time. Did you notice Simon giving Kara the finger disguised as a nose scratch? He learned move from our President.

Speaking of hat man Jack (well its nicer than referring to the reason he WEARS the hat)...a woman on the Idol boards today said that while Matt was singing *I I I I Stayin Alive*, her young kids substituted the words with *I I I I have a stupid hat on*.

Well on to next week . No theme announced that I have heard.

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