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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Unfortunatey, I was unable to watch the program on Tuesday and missed all but the last 30 minutes on Wednesday. (Mr. Auntee does not think DVR is a reasonable expense for my TV). So, I can barely comment except to say that Simon appears to have mentallly checked out of the show contemplating his X Factor show next season (he physically checked out of several of the auditions on Wednesday...probably fielding important phone calls about X Factor or trying to find out what the most expensive watch in the world is). Kara seems to be more confident, but her *grooving* with the songs is a bit awkward...that is Paula's trademark, Kara, and you just look like a dork when you try it. Mary J Blige probably won't be making Idol judging her next career move (she looked bored to tears), but I'm happy Kara got to get her Mary J. Blige fix after barking at that poor contestant, Lil, last year to start singing like Mary J Blige. Randy seems to have new enthusiasm for his role, perhaps contemplating his is going to be the big *DAWG* when Simon leaves.

As for the contestants....well to be fair I didn't see many of them but I second Mary J Blige's opinion about the ones I did see, with the exception of the ineligible guy...Mr. *Pants on the Floor*. I hope he gains a bit of fame and attention for becoming a cultural warrior against *pants on the floor*.

Next week, barring unforeseen circumstances, Auntee will return with a more discerning commentary.

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