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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cry Me A River!

How many sob stories can they fit into 50 minutes? Four tonight. The guy with the two babies who came from the projects. The guy with Tourette's Syndrome. The girl who may be raising her little brother alone because her parents divorced and abandoned them for their new spouses (or maybe not...maybe she is just like any other person whose parents divorce). And the coup de grace...the cancer survivor! According to the spoiler websites...none of these make it into the final 24.

The only one who was remotely interesting tonight was Todrick. Who make up the song about idol. He is a semi-professional guy so will make it into the top 24 (I cheated and looked).

Tonights show was interesting only in comparison to the spectacle that followed it on every network in the world. Which I did not watch. If the man has shut up about himself after an hour of blather, I may go see what the pundits think of him. I seriously considered watching the man talk and enduring it by playing a drinking game and taking a drink everytime he said *I.* I suspect I would not be able to type this if I had.

Next week on idol, evidently some woman comes in buck nekkid to the audition in an effort to upstage both bikini girl and Kara. I don't think Victoria Beckham will be amused.

Right now, I am just waiting for these stupid audition shows to end.

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