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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, my predictions are not turning out too well. I was 1 for 4. I figured Ashley was gone because she really didn't have anything for the audience to grab on to in terms of a story and she was not very good. I thought Janelle would hang in there a week or two longer and that Lacy would go. I guess the audience felt sorry for Lacey because this was her second year. She is a chirpy thing too. Haeley survived, I believe, solely by virture of being the Vote For the Worst pick

Poor Joe Munoz. What did he do to offend everyone? So much like poor Jorge last year even down to the unibrow. And Tyler? As opposed to that idiot Germaine or Toddrick? Or Tim Urban (who also survived due to VFTW votes I think). Or Alex Lambert?

All except Tyler were very gracious, particularly Ashley. Tyler had a point (one I made yesterday) that they seemed to encourage his 70's stuff in Hollywood but then changed their minds about it last night. I thought he was likeable enough to go a few more weeks but oh well...AMERICA has spoken!

I love Allison Ireheta but who has been advising her not to enuciate words when she sings and to make those stupid faces while performing? If I had not had the closed caption feature on I would not have any idea what the words to that song were. Is this some new trend that I don't know about because I'm not current?

It was nice to see Kris Allen perform again (yes..now I remember his name).

I looked at the Dial Idol site today to see what the voting looked like. The leading ladies were Katie Stevens (by a wide margin) followed by Crystal and Lilly. The leading man was Andy Garcia followed by Casey James. BMWHAKLE was down somewhere in the middle of the pack which must have surprised him had he chosen to look (and they all look...wouldn't you look?)

I have a very sick feeling that Katie Stevens (a.k.a. *another Taylor Swift*) is going to win this thing. At this point, I hope I am wrong. Maybe she will move me one of these days.

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