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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Precious Little Satisfaction

Not a big Rolling Stones fan, but I have to at least acknowledge that with the exception of BM, they all sang songs I recognized. For most of them, that is about as far as I can go tonight.

I strongly suspect that the judges were ordered to be easy on them tonight because the producers realize they are left with at least 5 lemons after last week's eliminations. Or else they were all as wonderful as the judges said they were and I suddenly went insane.

In order of performance:

BM. (Did you all know he has a baby?) I underestimated his ability to find a Rolling Stones song that would remind us of this fact. And now he has a dead mother too. All I heard was falsetto runs. I saw his attempt to be Mick Jagger. And the strange thing he did making himself bowlegged with his feet turned it like he was at a urinal. Judges loved it. I couldn't wait for it to end.

Dide BeSorryForMe. Weak, unbelievable, off key and almost losing the lyric but the judges thought it was her best performance. I hope the audience *FIIIII ERRSS* her.

Casey. I thought it was karaoke but all the judges but Simon thought he was a god. He did just sort of stand there. It wasn't awful but as cute as he is I didn't get chills watching him.

Lacey. Love that song. I liked how she changed it up. Just wish she had sung it better. Ellen was right...her stage movements were backwards.

Andrew Garcia abandons his artsy fartsy attempts to change up songs and just sang it pretty much straight. Kara thought he wasn't angry enough about the War. Maybe he should have taken a lesson from Didi and sang it WAAAA ARRR to convey his pacifism. I thought it was much better than anything he has done so far but still just average. Judges praise him because they know they have screwed with his head, that he should have gone home, and now they have to act like they didn't make a huge mistake having him here.

Katie Stevens. I think pretty tame horses could drag her about anywhere and I really wish they would. What a boring little girl. She might win the talent competition in the Miss Connecticut pageant with that version. She would finish about 40th in the Miss America pageant.

Tim Urban. His inexplicable presence in the top 12 may come to an end tonight. First he sings a misogynist song which shouldn't endear him to any woman or girl in the audience (who have to be the only one's keeping him alive thus far) but just in case it might...he does it in Reggae style. Don't Worry Be Happy she's under my thumb. Even the producers couldn't force the judges to eat that dog food.

Siobahn the Dark. Of course she would sing Paint It Black. She did it very well. Best of the night. I'm not sure I'm going to like her screaming those notes every week but she was good and upon hearing her you realized just how awful the previous singers were.

Lee DeWyze. I like his less harsh version of Beast of Burden. I rank him #3 for the night.

Paige (s)Miles. She really should get laryngitis every week. One of my favorite RS songs. She gave it her all even if it wasn't original. I saw a few glimmers of that voice we have heard about all season but never heard.

Aaron Kelley. He picked the right song. He was ok. No substitute for Alex so the judges praise him inordinately to make up for it.

Crystal...my favorite and the only one I am going to vote for until she is voted off. A little lackluster tonite. She does just sing so easily that she gets lost in the drama of the others. Still, the 2nd best of the night. I wish Simon hadn't said *you may think you have already won this contest* but I am glad she got to say that she didn't think that and that she praised Siobahn. Stupid fans on the website have been trashing her all week because she didn't smile and be all perky when she was safe last week.

We got to meet their families, and it appears my speculation about Crystal and an estrangement with her father (based on the song she wrote called Farmer' Daughter) was way off base. I'm glad to know that.

Maybe its time for Tim Urban to go home. Based on last weeks results, however, I am not making predictions.

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