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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stupid HIPPA

I've searched high and low, gone to every gossip website I know, and some I didn't know, and I can not find out what happened to Crystal Bowersocks. It's all I could think about during last night's performances. (Okay, I did have a few other thoughts):

Lee Dewyze has replaced Andy Garcia as the one I'll cheer for. Who cares that he's pitchy? Who cares that he's a bit akward and shy? Who cares that he needs a belt? I'm one of those preppy women who thinks he's awesome. (He's a bit David Cook and a bit Daughtry, and you don't get better than that.)

I do still like Andy Garcia. But please, Andy, bring back the guitar and continue "tweaking" your songs. I know the judges criticized you last week, but they were wrong. Do what you do, kid, America is voting now.

Little Alex Lambert surprised me! I was pulling for him to leave after last week's performance, but I'm happy he got a second chance. I really liked what he did and I'm hoping the judge's good comments will give him the confidence he so desperately needs. Also, I love Ellen for making fun of his mullet over and over again - it never gets old.

All I want to say about Casey is that I don't want to like him, but for some reason I do. Every week I want him to be horrible, but then I end up sort of jamming out along with him.

And rounding out the "good" of the night is Big Mike. I really liked him again this week, and I hope he continues to do what he did tonight because it's better than what he's been doing. For once, the voice DID match the package.

Tim Urban and John Park are more hair than voice.

Jermaine and Toddrick are more cocky than talented.

And I want to smack that little Aaron Kelly kid and his "I'm so metro-sexual and sensitive, all the 13 year old girls will swoon" attitude. Photography, puke.

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