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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Come Together

And it did pretty much come together for the majority of the contestants tonight. And they all got to tell us how much they like each other. And, I think proved, that being a mentor is just really an opportunity for somebody to sell a current record or movie and adds nothing to the performances (as if we needed this proven after Miley Cyrus). Nice of Sir Paul to wish them luck, however.

Why do I love Crystal so much? *I can't wait for Lee and Andrew to get married and have little Danny Gokey babies*. Why didn't I think of that line?

Good news...Aaron did not sing Imagine. Bad news....David Archuleta will perform it tomorrow night for at least the 3rd or 4th time on Idol. Good news for KK...Aaron pretty much sucked tonight. Poor Aaron, trying to find a song that means something to his 16 year old self and chooses a song about a jaded reprobate who finally sees the light and returns to the woman he should never have left behind to find that she didn't think he was all that hot to begin with and has moved on. Aaron says it describes his journey on Idol and his 8 month winding road to fame.

Katie...*she's every one's little sister* (by that do they mean she is annoying as hell and they wish she would just go away...because that is how I see her), She also does an original dance reminiscent of Elaine's on Seinfeld. Then...announces she will go to the prom with the highest voter (we've now established what she is and are just arguing about the price). She sings *Let It Be* basically to Brooke's arrangement but she cannot play the piano like Brooke so she just stands there and shakes her ponytail around. She is not off key and this was, for Katie, her *moment*. I detected, as did Simon, a bit of a country twang in her efforts to *make the song* her own. I do not like this young woman very much. Let it be her last *moment*. And please, judges, I do not CARE what kind of artist she should be.

Andrew...got to love him personally the more you know him. He is not the original genius they said he was but he is not bad and I was entertained if not blown over by *Can't Buy Me Love*. (I think Sir Paul is regretting that his last wife was indeed bought and paid for).

BM does Eleanor Rigby. A total surprise choice but then we find out his dad sang it and BM never fails to bring in some sort of emotional back story to every performance. It was good but it would have been better if I didn't have to watch his corny hand movements. A bit over the top. Randy loves him.

I had no idea what my favorite Crystal would sing. Come Together was not even on my possible list for her. She tweeted yesterday that she *just had to learn the words* and I got a hint then it might be Come Together because its the only Beatles song I can think of where it would be hard to learn the words. I loved her take on it. So much better than Carly's over dramatic diva version of 2 seasons ago. Its not a favorite song of mine but she did great and seemed to be in such a happy open mood tonight. The didgeridoo or whatever guy was great too.

The judges have decided to use reverse psychology on the audience and praise Tim Urban (who got a new haircut for the occasion and looks much less scruffy but still very cute) in hopes he won't get the sympathy vote anymore. All My Lovin' is one of my favorite early Beatles' songs and all I can say is *Wasn't that sweet?*.

Casey has also had a hair change with some highlights and curls. He also abandoned his outlaw duds for a white suit. He probably should have picked a different week to go foppish as there is a rumor on the internet that he is gay. The evidence for that claim is very sparse. I think I have pretty good gaydar and I don't see it. He was overpraised I think tonight. My thought as he was singing that song was *this is like watching that commercial where the swimmers are swimming in molasses*. It was very slow and tedious to me.

Of course Siobahn is going to sing Across the Universe so she can sing Om! She has evidently been reading US magazine because her outfit tonight was a carbon copy of Madonna's daughter Lourdes' outfit pictured in this weeks edition, which was a carbon copy of an early Madonna outfit.

She is like Adam to me...trying too hard to be different and then becoming a caricature. And her fans on the board are just as obnoxious as Adam's fans.

Well, it looks like Lee said...I'll see Crystal's didgeridoo and raise it with a bagpipe! I am a Scottophile (is that a word?) and love bagpipes. But What the Heck? You were doing great Lee (although asking the audience to sing along was a bit big Mikeish) and then down comes this bagpiper? It at least brought some levity into the show. I don't think Lee is going home but that was odd. I do love the song Hey Jude.

So...it was not a terrible night tonight. I have no idea who will be in the bottom 3.

Next week, the idols will be mentored by the one and only ADAM LAMBERT! Which means Idol cannot even pay enough for a real artist to mentor these kids this year.

Hope this publishes...one click and I will know!

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