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Monday, May 3, 2010

So Far tee70 is still posting!

I haven't been banned again! But only because I have kept my cool in deference to all the Crystal fans who are like the sweetest people in the whole universe. They are always posting things on other people's folders saying *Good luck Wzye Guys from the Mama Soxers*. *Lets Show Siobahn Fans Some Love Because They Are Sad*. If they didn't love Crystal so much (which makes them very smart in my opinion) I would be in diabetic shock from their sweetness by now. I just chime in with sweet thoughts myself (yes I have a few of them).

The closest I got to being mean was comparing the conspiracy theorists to the girl who gives her phone # to some guy who says he will call and never does and then makes up all sorts of reasons why he doesn't (the phone is out of order, he's been in an accident, he maybe thinks I didn't really want him to call so let me text him, he's DEAD!) And I said *let them be in denial and let us move on*.

Right now, the conspiracy theory of choice among the Siobahn fans is that someone posted the wrong voting number on *her facebook page* which led millions of voters to call Aaron's number instead of Siobahns. Of course the facebook page in question is not Siobahn's official idol facebook page but one set up by some demented fan of hers and some fan posted the wrong number. Now we all know that when you want to vote for the best singer who has ever been on Idol but don't know the number because you either missed the show or were so transported by Siobahn's performance you didn't write it down, the FIRST place you go is to an unofficial fan site on facebook, scroll through the 100's of posts admiring Siobahn and find in minuscule type the number to call. Because you would never say...Tivo the show, call or text a friend for the information, or go to the official American Idol Website for the number. Nope...facebook is the primary source for American Idol voting numbers. Of course, I'm not sure that this facebook page even exists. Its probably an urban myth.

Now the other fan groups have not been nearly so incensed when their favorite got voted off (well there is one Didifan who is rather vicious and Katiesnana hasn't returned so she obviously went to banned camp with me and couldn't figure out how to get herself reinstated). This Siobahn madness reminds me of the Adam Lambert fans last year. Remember the tantrum Siobahn threw backstage when she got her first bad reviews in R&B week? I think they must identify with her personality. And frankly, one poster commented she looked like a snub toad when she was eliminated the other night and I think she sorta did too!

Anyway...I led a pact among Crystal fans that we were going to behave well if she is voted off.

And I have my own prediction....Siobahn will never be heard from again after this tour except singing at Friar's Club or Kiwanis or VFW events on Cape Cod and the Islands.

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