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Thursday, April 28, 2011

jSomeone's Got a Spell on Him..

Jacob, that is. How did he survive that awful performance not to mention his clown suit? Yes, a lot of people don't get Jazz and Casey was a little too impressed with his own genius to actually sing as opposed to growl (jazz CAN be sung), but WHO is voting for Jacob? I've been hoping to see the last of him since the week Pia went home. Although given Pia's fame chasing since her elimination, I'm glad she is gone too.

Ryan played games with us and didn't give us a bottom three. My guess is Scotty got the highest number of votes, despite the faux tension Ryan tried to create. I'm glad they called Haley safe first because her very existence is driving the St. Pia fan's insane. Speaking of Haley, I don't think there is any doubt now that she and Casey are an item and I think that is sweet. I liked how he sang the last few notes to her at the end. I also liked the positive way her performed his song. No tears from him!

It was great to see Crystal again but I wish she had sung a better song. I suppose it was appropriate for the setting, though..encouraging the Idols to just sing. I wish Ryan had found the time to talk with her and let her plug her album and appearances.

Bruno Mars was ok but the song lyrics were a little risque for the 7 pm time slot...hand down his pants, birthday suit, and great sex. But who am I kidding? Kids today know way too much.

No word yet on next week's theme but we are going to get another overwrought but boring performance from Jacob.

I liked the Medley and thought Lauren and Haley sounded great together. Also, Scotty proved he can sing something not country, but his detractors won't admit it.

Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding so I'm off to bed.

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