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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Opinion Deficit Disorder

I'm eager to see what KK has to say about tonight's show because I have no strong opinions about any of the performances tonight (the performers are another matter...I'm down but not out). Maybe it is because the songs were from the 21st century and I quit listening to popular music in 1982. I don't know these songs and I had a hard time deciding if the performances were good or bad...but I did see some ugly.

First they bring out the retreads to sing a song about not being losers when everyone knows they all are. America voted NOT to see these people again, even the precious St. PiA. I am thoroughly sick of her and her fans. Please make her go AWAY! Not likely, as it seems she has hired a publicist to make sure she gets more press than Kate Middleton. Her latest press release is that she plans to develop a clothing and fragrance line bearing her name. Because you know, she finished NINTH on a show which has produced barely three household names in the past 10 years. Don't you know that Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham is quaking in her Jimmy Choos at the prospect of competition from PiA. I'm thinking she may be one of those people who is really sweet to the people she wants to impress and really mean to those she considers beneath herself...in other words, a Queen B... and that Haley knew what she was doing when she *smirked* at her demise. And of course, they highlighted her 3 second *duet* with Paul in the number which sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I will let you all decide who had the nails and who had the chalkboard but a duo make in heaven it was NOT.

Oh..sorry...are there other people on American Idol this year besides St. PiA? Well yes, as a matter of fact, a few mortals remain to gain America's votes.

My poor sweet Scotty. The knives are out for him. The word is out that he is getting two votes to his nearest competitor's one and leaving the rest in the dust. They give him the death spot for the 2nd time and the judges and Jimmy tell the audience to quit thinking about him because it should be tired of him. To his credit, he did try to change it up, picked a song done by a woman and toned down the country, but it was a lightweight song. Which the J's inform me was first done in 1980 by someone named John Anderson and remade by Leeann Rimes in the 2000s. Bad decision on his part. He needed a tearjerker tonight to overcome the death spot and the judge's and Jimmy's instructions to write him off. iTo show I am in a equally dissatisfied mood with all the contestants, I will say Scotty can tone down the eyebrow raising about 1/3.

My other sweetheart, James probably had the best performance of the night. The drums were a bit over the top but I'm pretty sure Adam Lambert wishes he had thought of that. But tonight was not my favorite performance of his and for the first time I didn't smile when he sang.

Haley sings Adele and well I thought. Randy has to practically pull it out of himself to compliment her. That said, I think if Haley had ever had a real broken heart, she would have done a better job. I didn't get a lot of anger or pain from her. I have no idea what the original sounds like, so maybe she did an excellent job. It did seem like a hard song to sing.

Well, I wanted emotion and out comes Jacob Lusk singing Luther. Luther is dead. And it is his birthday today (Jacob didn't know that of course when he picked the song). Luther's dad is dead. So is Jacob's dad. To Jacob's surprise, the judges did not give him a standing ovation. Even though his father is dead. Jacob had a hic at the beginning of the song and blames a technical failure because he is too professional to be emotional and start to cry (or have to wipe his eyes 2 bars later). JLo, bless her heart, shows no mercy and tells him in a much nicer way than I am going to put it...no...your skank just stank all the way through. Jacob is not discouraged and reminds the voters one more time that his dad is dead. I'm losing it at this point. Sadly, a look at Dialidol.com indicates that Jacob is coming in right after Scotty as the night's favorite. Are people really that gullible?

So out comes this weeks flavor, Casey. He plays his guitar and makes some faces and I suppose does an OK performance which he ends by getting in JLo's personal space and kissing her on the cheek. Oh that Casey! He is just a surprise a minute. Genius! No idea what Steven said as it is all bleeped but I suspect it had to do with women wanting to bed down Casey and men being jealous about it. Now, I am married to a portly red-headed man who used to have a red beard ( I wish he still did) and I suppose Casey should have some appeal to me. But I just keep thinking about his colon problems.

Oh Stefano...such a ladies man. I thought this performance was just weird and the chorus kept singing *I can't stop* and I was thinking *PLEASE STOP*. His bowlegged stud dance was just too much for me to handle and if I watch it back I will probably laugh but I was just too grossed out to laugh.

Lauren has a confidence problem and they are trying to fix it by giving her the pimp spot. I am actually liking her personally better than I did at first but tonight her performance was just awful. The judges couldn't bring themselves to say so but by telling her to do more they were saying it wasn't that great. Don't put 15/16 year olds on Idol.

Maybe I should have taken a nap today as I am particularly cranky toight.

Bottom 3 on the basis of performances should be: Lauren (safe), Jacob (safe), Stefemo (voted off). Bottom 3 will probably be Haley(safe), Casey or James (safe), Stefemo (voted off).

And as for Lauren, now that St. PiA is on my radar as the Queen B of the world, I am going to cut her some slack.

If anyone read this before I went back and edited for vulgarity, I apologize. I think Steven rubbed off on me.

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