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Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Bush's Fault...No...It's Haley's Fault...No...its the SMIRK!

Its a bit hard to blog nearly 24 hours after the worst evening on Idol since Kris Daughtry was eliminated, but Blogger was out of service last night.  While waiting to blog I had the pleasure (not) of reading the forum boards at americanidol.com as fans old and new wailed, wept, and rendered their Metallic t-shirts mourning Jame's elimination.  Well, let me offer my sincere condolences as I liked James too and was NOT happy to see him sent home.

Inexplicably (to me), the general consensus is that it is all Haley's fault he was eliminated.  Haley has been the object of hate on the boards since St. Pia went home because she did not wail, weep,  and render her sequined top when St. Pia was elimated.  She DISRESPECTED St. Pia.  For those of you who were unaware of this controversy, as Ryan was getting ready to announce St. Pia's elimination,  the camera flashed on Haley who was saying something to Casey and smiling...then...when St. Pia's name was called, Haley was looking away from the action and  out into the audience with a smile on her face.  A fair observer might say she was not paying any attention to Ryan but was distracted by her own happiness at being safe (the WITCH!) and something happening in the audience but...from that moment on...Haley has been hated for her *attitude*.  Talking back to the judges Wednesday night just added fuel to the Haley hate bonfire and within 5 minutes after the show ended last night at least 10 threads had been posted about the evil, heartless, no-talent Haley who knocked James out of the final three.  The language used to describe her and her fans was not fit for adult conversation and was so offensive that I actually reported one poster.  And of course the Lauren fan's jumped on the bandwagon posting messages to the Durbin fans that Haley had *smirked* when James was eliminated so *who are you going to vote for now...the evil witch or Lauren?* 

I, on the other hand, being the fair-minded person that I am, am blaming  Nigel Lythgoe, Randy Jackson and JLo who were so determined that their Little Miss Perfect, Lauren, come back from her bottom 2 last week, they trashed Haley's first performance Wednesday night, in the hopes that Lauren would get more votes than Haley.  It backfired on them big time because the rest of America who doesn't spend time reading the AI forums didn't get the word that Haley is an insufferable witch with an attitude and saw a young woman, who has been their go to punching bag all season, get punched in the gut again and fighting back for the first time.    A bunch of people who don't vote very much started voting for her and James got caught in the crossfire.  

It didn't help that for whatever reason...fatigue...loneliness...or the insipid theme he had to work with this week, James did not perform up to his usual standard (nor did he last week).   Actually, the only one who had a stand out performance on Wednesday was Haley the hated.

Needless to say, I was devastated when Lauren was called safe right away.  I'm sure they let her be first for fear she would blubber up the stage all night if she was held in suspense.  I was pretty sure that Haley was a goner then and was really happy when she was safe until I realized that it meant James was probably going home because...love him or hate him...Scotty is unstoppable.  

I am ALMOST getting KK's love of all things Gaga.  Gaga won me over when she chose to perform the song that Haley performed last week...you know...the one Randy and JLo hated?  I think Gaga was giving Randy and JLo a big fat middle finger in choosing that song and I think they deserved it.  

Not too impressed with Enrique and Jordin.

Now...for the record...according to  a reporting for Entertainment Weekly...who was in the audience and saw what the camera did not see...Haley was not smirking when James was eliminated.  She was the only one of the contestants CRYING as James' exit video was played (our resident blubber mouth was dry eyed).  

So don't blame Haley!  

PS:  Scotty is on his own next week.  I'm voting for Haley.    


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