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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well, at Least Lieber and Stoller had a Good Night...

the Idols, me, and I daresay much of America...not so much.  If having Idols sing one hit wonders from 50 plus years or so was Nigel Lythgoe's idea, he must have been accidentally kicked in the head by one of those kids auditioning for his other show, So You Think You Can Dance.  When this theme was announced, not having heard of these guys, I went to the website to see what they had written.  Seriously, I recognized about 11 songs, and none of them, including those sung tonight, were what I would call something you would want to hear again unless you were having a party comprised of people over 50 who gathered only to make fun of the stupid songs that were popular when they were eight years old.   I could not imagine how these kids could pick 2 songs each from such a mediocre list of songs, most of which were gimmicky novelty songs of which Love Potion No. 9 is probably the best.  Obviously they could not, Gaga and Jimmy rebelled, and in the last 2 days they told the Idols  to pick an *inspirational song.*   What a way to sabotage all 4 of them on the most important night of the season.  They should have been able to pick 2 songs they loved and sing with passion and abandon.

So, Auntee is cranky.  Yes, it was a busy day and I don't like busy days much these days ( the first part was lovely at my meeting but then I had to sit in a doctors office for 2 hours) and yes, Mr. Auntee decided to make all sorts of plans which required my input and action on a very busy day which was a bit irritating, but I think a good Idol show would have brought me back to my being about as cheerful as Auntee is ever going to get.  But I am still cranky. 
So...here is my cranky take on what happened tonight.

Excuse me...I just took a break to place my cat Maxine in time out because she has Mr. Auntee disease tonight and won't leave me alone despite having the faucet running fresh water for her and 2 bowls of food.

I don't think there was a performance of the night tonight and really only 2 that came close.   So, I will go by contestant in order of appearance.

James.   Don't Stop Believing would be a perfect inspirational song for him if the Glee kids hadn't sung it to death for the past 3 or 4 years.  It also helped to suck up to Randy...but it IS a good song. He did fine but I wasn't blown away by it.  I'm not sure if its because James lacked energy singing it or if  I am just sick of hearing the song.   His second performance, LP #9 was somewhat better although he never  did get his hips to move.  My spirit was not moving on either song.  The judges loved him as usual.  Some critics say he is pitchy.  I don't know pitchy until my ears hurt and he has not reached that point with me.  So...I give  him a B tonight. 

Haley got Randy and JLo hate on her first song.  And for the first time she talked back to the judges.  Normally, I disapprove of it but this girl has been the judges punching bag from the beginning of the season.  Normally she takes it in her stride but got  a little *emo* (her words) tonight.  However, my notes as she was singing were:  *not an audience pleasing song*; *sort of a downer*; well sung*.  Of course, I never got the Michael Jackson love even before he started sleeping with little boys.  The only song of his I like is Billie Jean and only when David Cook sings it.  I think Randy was over the top criticizing her vocals and I was glad Steven  finally shut him down.  Then, she comes out with *I Who Have Nothing* (which at that point was pretty appropo) and slays the judges with it to the point of another standing ovation.  I thought it was good but not as good as House of the Rising Sun and its still a stupid song.  I give her a B plus tonight with a star for talking back to the judges. 

Scotty sings the patriotic song and it was one his fans have been asking for, so on the probably 2 days notice he had to come up with one, it was a good choice.  The chorus was either ahead or behind him which ruined the performance for me and I thought it was a little subdued, even for Scotty.  *Young Blood* is just another stupid song and he did with it what he could but I was not in love with that one either.  So, he ties with James for a B.

Now...this will surprise you because you KNOW I think Lauren is a spoiled little brat and do NOT want her to win this thing.  I thought she took the prize in  the inspirational song portion of the show and that this was her best solo performance of the season.   She has sort of milked the tornado victims to death (she is doing a charity concert for them the *going home* week whether she is in the final three or not...how clever is THAT?...her parents obviously hired a better publicist than even Pia hired).  Her *Trouble*, while praised by the judges was  I thought completely affected and I saw the Toddlers and Tiaras  contestant again.  If you don't want to sing *I'm evil*, then pick a song where those are not the only words in it.  All I could hear by the end of it was *I'm awful, I'm awful, I'm awfuuuullllll*.    Lets face it, she could have come out and farted her songs tonight and the judges would have praised her in order to avoid another *oooo....poor me...I'm in the bottom two* sobfest. I averaged her grades and gave her a B too. 

So..despite Haley's horrible song choice on the first song, she narrowly comes in with the highest grade from me.

I cannot conclude without commenting on Gaga.  One of Mr. Auntee's *let me just interrupt any peace you will have today* moments was coming in at the beginning of the show to tell me that I should skip Idol to see the Lady Gaga special (he thought he was being so cute).  I informed him I didn't need to watch her on the special because she was going to be on Idol tonight.   He retreated to the *time out* room.   I still don't get her music and I really don't like the *let me look as outrageous as I possibly can* style, but I thought she was really nice to the contestants and offered some good advice to them so now I may reconsider my opinion of her. 

And, as risque as her advice to Scotty may have been about the microphone, I have learned from reading elsewhere that she is absolutely  right.  Those microphones are designed to deliver the sound when held straight up...if they are tilted or held sideways, you lose part of the sound.

I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow.  I want Lauren to go home but I'm pretty sure it will be Haley or even possibly James.  

And FINALLY...I think there may be some  new readers out there and if  so, please feel free to register as a follower and to add your comments to our posts.  We LOVE comments, even if they do not agree with us and the more we have the more entertaining the blog will be!  



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