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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Derelict Blogger Chimes In

Shame on me...I didn't watch either episode this week.  Call it sour grapes, call it being in Nantucket world, or just call  it that I really really dislike Lauren Alaina and could not stand to see her sing one more song even if it meant missing David Cook last night and probably some nice performances by the other losers tonight.  Because...I hate to say it...I'm glad Lauren is a Loser!  I've tried to like her...I really have...but I just think she is an ordinary singer and pretty  full of herself and was coddled into the finale at the expense of about everyone else in the top 13, including Mandiva, Jacob. 

So, I see on Drudge that Scotty won and a source is saying he got nearly twice as many votes as Lauren.  Not a big surprise to me, as if Dial Idol is even remotely accurate he has been getting 50% or more votes than his nearest competitor all season.  I see that Haley got 25 million votes last week...which left the other 70 million to split between Lauren and Scotty.  I'm guessing Lauren got 25 million plus whatever she needed to beat Haley and Scotty got the rest of the final three votes. 

It will be somewhat interesting to see what happens to both of these young people post Idol.

Reading KK's review, I'm really glad I didn't have to watch Steven creepily fawn over Lauren.  That whole thing was just weird from the get go which probably accounts for some of my irrational (I admit it is TOTALLY irrational) aversion to Lauren.

Now its time for So You Think You Can Dance.

Thanks for reading us this season...hope to be back next year!     


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