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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reed Grimm and Mamma on His Mind

I cannot decide if Reed Grimm is quixotically talented or merely annoying.  He certainly appeared ADHD tonight.  Robbed of his chance to sing acapella (based on his earlier choices...would it be the Oscar Mayer Wiener song?) he manically put together a good performance of Georgia on My Mind while driving the vocal coach and the music guy insane with his total lack of focus during the supposedly 25 minutes he had to change course   Calling his mama gave him inspiration to play drums (or they cut out the part where she asked him if he was taking his meds and his dose of ritalin) and he is going to Vegas.  Randy, in a side bar to Jen, compared him to Casey.  We will see.  

But before the mama drama with Reid, we had to watch the painful results of the group collaborations.  People were still vomiting and fainting.  

First up was the Bettys and we all knew this was going to be bad.  Staying up all night was not the key to success in this group as the 2 who went through were 2 of those who I believe went to bed.  One blamed the lack of teamwork on them all being *Type A* personalities.  One didn't know what that meant.  I'm blaming it on them being type Diva Wanna-Bees.  They didn't get the Diva part but one of more of them appeared to have the B part down pat. 

Then we have Group Sauce which has Reed Grimm and Creighton.  They do great.  

Up next is Brielle and her mother (also known as Group 6-7-9).  Mother gets her way and Kyle the frat boy is sent home. Mama loves Kyle now that her brat of a daughter made it through.  I thought Brielle was terrible but its probably because I don't like her or her mother and you will hear this from me repeatedly.

Then *Patient O*, Amy the tent dweller and her sad sack group. Jacquie, who hugged Amy the night before gets sick.  They are terrible and all go home.  

Alisha the uber cop and her group are up next and they are terrible too.  No surprise.  Just curious, did any group sing *Joy to the World?*.  

The Hollywood 5 is a group of young kids, their stage parents, and the OCD guy who works with infectious diseases and washes his hands all the time .  OCD worked for this group as no one is sick and they all go through.  (So there all of you who think I wash my hands too much...and you know who you are). 

Then we are subjected to *will she or won't she* drama with Area 451.  Imani is fainting away but goes on and faints on stage.  One of them goes through but I don't know why.  

Then, we learn that Simone Black and her father are not going to be famous this year and that Reese (who quit his good paying government job and a pregnant wife to come to Hollywood) are going home.  Karma's a b.

The face off with HeJun (who will soon be known as Dante HeJun ala Lauren Suddeth Alaina) and Cowboy Richie.  I thought the whole group was awful but evidently either HeJun or Richie has compromising pictures of Nygel Lithgoe because they all go through.  Richie has to have more face time in the *confessional* to explain why he is so great and HeJun apologizes to him for what he said behind his back.  Ho Hum.  

Then we learn that Erika Van Pelt (who we haven't heard sing AT ALL since her audition I don't think), Adam Gokey Brock, Hallie Day, and Elise Testone (another one we haven't heard much of) make it through.  

So..hour 2 starts and we see who the judge's really love.

First is Josh Ledet who almost didn't get on the plane.  I like him so far. 

Our next contestant is Colton Dixon, who pushed his sister aside along with the auditioning rules, and he does his WGWG (ok little piano) stuff. To remind you WGWG stands for *White Guy With Guitar* ala Lee DeWyze and Chris Allen and David Cook. His hair is changed but looks just as stupid as his old hair cut.  What happened to his sister?  She went home and is still trying to recover from the bruises he left on her back as he stomped his way over it to fame and fortune.  

Another WGWG, Phil Phillips.  The most exciting thing about him is his name and its lame. 

Jenn Hirsch is the first we see sing *Georgia on My Mind*.   She is really excellent but as mentioned earlier, needs a makeover badly if she is going on to the big time.  She could be very attractive but evidently no one on Idol staff wants to spruce her up like they did with Colton.  

Creighton comes on and I'm thinking he is probably going to be fodder.  

Then, the girl I really don't like, Shannon Magrane who gave me a pain as she screamed Georgia On My Mind  in her hot pants so Steven and Randy could be sure and see her long long legs.  Diva Wanna Bee indeed who will be thronged by the Diva Drones as I gnash my teeth weekly.  

Reed Grimm's drama, recited above and enough said about him.

Skylar Laine is sick but sings (I thought she was way sharp all the way through) and makes it through. It was a cute song but I didn't think it was *the best all day* like Steven did.  But maybe he was sick of WGWG's and she was refreshing.

Poor Rochelle Lamb gets out of sync or thinks she does with the music and it is her kiss of death.  She knows it too.  

And then *White Chocolate* Danny Adam Brock.  I thought he almost vomited the song with all his growling and caterwauling.  I'm thinking Randy isn't all that impressed with the *big fat black woman* inside of Adam but he makes it through.

A little bit of drama in Room 3 when some woman we don't know complains that people are laughing and being *insensitive* to her pain.  Honey, if you want *sensitive* go to a commune, bake bread, and plant weed.  Don't try to make it in show business.

So tomorrow is Vegas and we will see who the top 24 are.  

So far, I don't have any favorites really but I do have those I'm not fond of. 

Update:  In reading other blogs today, I realize that the Migraine sang *Its A Wonderful World* and maybe Adam Gokey Brock did too. I guess it all sounded like the same screaming melisma to me.  When this was filmed Whitney Houston hadn't died yet but a whole bunch of these kids were channeling her ghost ahead of time and not very well either. 


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