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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Can't Make Me Love You Jessica Sanchez and I Wish You Were Going

Blarg!  Are we there yet? I'm not sure I can go the distance to the finale.

I had a wonderful day having lunch with art friends (although got a little overheated wandering the local botanical garden taking photos), stopped for a delicious cherry limemade on the way home, then took a 3 hour nap.  I woke up at 6 pm and got on the internet to look at art stuff and totally forgot about Idol until 7:13 pm.  Mr. Auntee was hoping I had *kicked the habit* but he was disappointed as I tuned in in time to hear Hollie sing her first song, Faithfully, by Journey.  

Hollie did a great job although I noted she was in the *death spot*, performing second.  Randy of course had to tell us at least three time he was once in Journey and how well he knew the song.  Blah blah blah.

Having missed the first part of the show, I had no idea what the theme was, but Joshua comes on next singing *You Lift Me Up* to his father.  Joshua knows how to milk the voters and the crowd but he can also sing well and I did get kind of teary eyed when he sang this.  He went back to his gospel roots which I enjoyed.  No standing O though, although the judges were way happy with it.

Jessica comes on and is sitting on her piano again doing her lounge singer routine singing an Etta James song which I should be familiar with, but I am not.  If you remember the name of it, good for you.  She basically growls her way through it (and I'm not opposed to growly in the right places), does a few fake finger moves, and is given great praise for a rather underwhelming and fakey performance.  The stylists listened to Jimmy and instead of putting her in a cheap skimpy dress, put her in a track suit.   I can only think what a brat she is.  

Then Phillips and Joshua do a duet of *This Love*, or rather Joshua sings and Phillips grunts the words artistically if not harmonically alongside him.  The judges really love it because its Phillips and Joshua.  I thought it was sing songy, ordinary pap.  

The girls sing a duet of the Bangles Eternal flame and start out on swings for some reason.  Hollie is carrying the melody while Jessica walks around like she is too good to be sharing the stage with Hollie.  Jessica does not play well with others and sort of pouts the low harmony votes.  Randy is pissed off because Jessica did not outsing Hollie and makes no bones about it.  No compliments to Hollie...he just hated it because he couldn't hear Jessica.  Portent of things to come for Hollie.  

Then the top 4 do a version of Waiting For a Girl Like You and Hollie and Joshua carry the load for the still pouting Jessica and the tone-deaf Phillips.  

Ryan's girlfriend, Juliane Hough, and Adam Shankman get a bunch of free publicity for their new movie.  I like Adam Shankman...he is one of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance and believe me I cannot wait for Idol to be over and SYTYCD to start.  

We have wasted enough time so we see the contestants with Jimmy's comments go the 2nd round with *a song they wish they had written*.  Yeah...right.  Only Phillips and Hollie seem to take this theme seriously.  Joshua and Jessica cannily pick songs they can belt over the top with knowing that is what the typical Idol voter is impressed with while Phillips and Hollie choose understated songs. 

Phillips sings Volcano by Damien Rice which appears to be about a pedophile resisting temptation.  I am not familiar with the song and had to go look up the lyrics to see if I got the message right.  I imagine the tweens voting for Phillips are melting away right now imagining he is singing this to them and the frauen voting for Phillips are imagining they are singing it to him.  The judges go on and on about how with THIS performance he has turned into his own person as an artist...completely oblvious to the load of crap they have been selling us from the beginning about what an original Phillips has been, is and always will be world without end amen.  Jimmy had a come to Jesus with himself after he criticized Phillips so harshly last week...and told himself *Jimmy...this guy is going to be the Idol so you better start selling him now even if he is still doing the same old same old growly crap he started with and cannot carry a tune in a backpack.*  Phillips performance is very understated and Jennifer calls it *poignant*.

So, Jimmy tell's Hollie not to oversing the Bonnie Riatt's song *I Can't Make You Love Me*, she doesn't oversing it, and bless Hollie's heart, she can't make the judges love her for more than one song ever.  I thought she did a very nice job with it but no...they wanted power Hollie not poignant Hollie (or to be really honest about it...no more Hollie and they will probably get their wish). 

Joshua does James Brown's Its A Mans World and I suspect that is what the finale to this season will end up being.  He gets a standing O.  It was great but I'm getting tired of them loving up on Joshua and tired of Joshua.  

And now, Bibi comes out and sings *And I Am Telling You* to let us know that she is not going anywhere so *F you America*.  Bibi thinks *Jennifer Holiday* sang this song and I hope she doesn't run into Jennifer Hudson any time soon.  She blasts this one to the rafters and is smart enough not to move.  Standing O from the judges.  Cat eating canary look on Jessica's face.  Ooooh she thinks she is so hot.  I cannot stand to look at her any more.  My only consolation is that when she goes home to San Diego the crowds will be sparse because if they don't turn out in force for Adam Lambert, they are not going to turn out for her. 

Going home is Hollie who has had a brave run and I love her for it. 

I'm not sure I can stomach watching the rest of the season after Hollie goes.  I suppose then I will root for Joshua because I just cannot force myself to root for the brat even though she is a girl. 

I'm signing off now in a crabby snit! 



  1. you have to really dig up to find some truth about growling growler brat Sanchez, thank you!
    OMG I can't stand this girl anymore, or the standing ovations for both her and Joshua. And what's with the hate on Hollie??? She at least has personality, something some girls in the competition (here's looking at you, Jessica) are decisively missing (!) I mean... Bibi? Seriously?
    I can't quite agree with the Phillips thing though, not that I'm a freaky tween, but his style serves a certain public, just not enough to make him Idol, agreed.
    But oh joy would it be having Hollie and Jessica at the bottom two and seeing Jessica go home... I get goosies at the thought of that!

  2. Well, we are happy to have you read our blog Anonymous. We hope you continue to do so and bookmark it for next season when, God willing, we will both be back to blog again!

    As you can see, KK disagrees with me about Phillip. I don't dislike the guy personally and if he wins that will be fine...I just don't think he is all that the judges have portrayed him to be all season.

    I'm pretty sure that Jessica's career will be as successful as David Archuleta's career.