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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

There's Nothing Like the Male Thing Baby

And that title is not a double entendre...tonight was the night for the men to do their thing and for us to catch at least a glimpse of our next American Idol.  Hint:  His name is Paul Jolley.  Just my prediction, mind you.  But he's white, he has a guitar and he is in the top 40.  Despite the fact that he has some decidedly feminine aspects, he is male enough to be pimped, hyped and badgered through by the producers.

Speaking of the producers...they just cannot quit rearranging the chairs on the deck of the ship that keeps jumping the shark and keeps on floating...so far.  So they change Hollywood Week to have guy on guy and girl on girl competition and do away with self-selection for the group night.  I must say it was nice to be spared the drama of the outcasts searching for a group then finding one and turning on each other.  And thankfully there was very little drama with the exception of Frankie Ford's last hurrah *They will not deny me* (what a jerk he turned out to be, huh?).

The first guy up for the night was Micah with the speech impediment which may or may not be real.  He did a nice job Then the skinny Skinner kid from Oklahoma City who should have stayed there.  He was caffienated to the gills and evidently so were the producers who edited the first part of the show because they moved through the acapella portion so fast I could barely register the face of the person before they were off the stage. With the exception of the Whitney singer, Cortez Shaw, who evidently pissed Nicki off by daring to sing Whitney.  I actually thought he was horrible too but didn't appreciate Nicki cutting off Mariah's comments.  Hey Nicki...just because Mariah gets to say something doesn't mean you won't get your turn.   

The only group that really impressed me was the Math heads even though it included that short guy Mateus who likes us to think he has had such a tough life even though this is his 2nd shot at reality singing show fame.  The rest of the groups just sort of blend together.  I'm glad Lazaro made it through but I'm not sure how long he will last.   And  I was glad to see the guy who is shaped like a bowling pin make it through despite being saddled with Frankie Ford's *I don't know anything about music but I'm not going to listen to a thing you have to tell me about it* snit fits.  I don't know what possessed them to send through the entire B-Side group except Nicki is partial to headwear so she fell for the turban on the Turbinator and the guy with the curly hair and bandana.  I guess we know by now that what Nicki wants, Nicki gets.

Favorites?  None for me at this point.  Tomorrow they sing their solos and I suspect this is when they will really bring out the brass band for Paul Jolley.  You heard it here first.  I want to be wrong about it, but I'm afraid I am right.

One good thing, we did not have to hear from Zoanetta tonight (hereinafter called Zoanada).  Since she makes the top 40 they will have to feature her heavily during girl's week...I'm not looking forward to her rehabilitation by producer. 


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