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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Devin Takes The Bullet

Nothing surprising about tonight's results to me and probably not to you.  Devin was circling the bottom 3 for 3 weeks and I think tonight's elimination was his time.  His little comments about *saving* the other two guys after Nicki ripped them apart for their trio performance last night were not helpful with the voting public but the fact is that the bloom was off the rose after he sang Impossible the first time.  He never got that magic back and it was amazing to see how much better he is singing in Spanish than in English when he sang for his life tonight...all the emotion that was missing for the past 3 weeks was revived for one brief shining moment.  Don't know who the hold out was on saving him but I suspect it may have been Keith who reminded them how close Amber was to going home and that they may need to save her over the next 2 weeks.

Jimmy's comments were not that surprising to me except he loved Burnell and I thought Burnell had an off night.  I wasn't the only person who thought they heard him put an M on the end of *amour* last night but I was the only one who thought he sang like he had swallowed some helium.  Anyway, Jimmy says Angie has a problem and it needs to be fixed and I'm hoping that she ignores him.  

The live performances were surprisingly entertaining to me beginning with the group performance of Bob Seger's Old Time Rock and Roll.  I love Bob Seger and I don't know why more of these extras don't sing his songs...I think Phillips sang one last year...I thought he botched it...but other than that I don't recall anyone else covering Seger.  I wish someone had chosen one of his songs last night instead of three Stevie Wonder tunes.  

Colton Dixon, who was not even my favorite last year, reminded me how utterly weak the men are this year and that it had to have been done on purpose.  When they showed recaps of Colton's performances last year I was thinking...wow...he was GOOOD...but that is because I'm comparing him to Burnell, Lazaro, Devin, Curtis and Paul Jolley.  He seems super happy with the path his career is taking and that is great for him...seriously.  

So, Katharine McPhee comes back to be *featured* with One Republic and I think calling her role in tonight's performance a *feature* was a over-hype.  She was more like a backround singer.  I do not get those who think she is so beautiful.  I think she is plain as dirt.  I didn't watch her season but I gather she hasn't had a smooth career trajectory since then with the exception of her role on Smash...a show I watched about 5 times and then thought it was not good enough to waste my time with.  I think it may have been cancelled but since I don't care about it, I don't care.  According to the Vote For The Worst Guys (who loathe her) she is acting like she wasn't even part of that TV show now that it has failed and refuses to discuss her role in it with the press.  One thing I noticed was her haircut which is the latest fad called...and you will think I am lying given my blog title yesterday...the Chop.  I read about it in my hairdresser's issue of Vogue.  Some fashion designer chopped all his runway models' hair off for his show and now it is all the rage among the fashionista set.  I wanted my hairdresser to give me one but we settled for a few little layers instead once he gave me the eye and suggested I act my age.  So, she is plain but I liked her hair.  Don't tell Angie because she will copy it and that will tick me off. 

Keith Urban deserves to be married to a beautiful woman like Nicole Kidman but I'm not sure she  deserves to be married to him (but I give her credit for choosing him and running away like the wind from Tom Cruise and his Scientology cult).  I adore him.  The song he sang...not so much... but it was up tempo which we badly need this season from everyone. 

So, they are still not announcing the top 3.  They must have received some flack for it.  I like that Aretha sent a message to Kree.  

Also liked the Ford video with the kids although I think Angie looked like she was focusing more on the camera on her than the kid she was trying to help.  But she can do no right in my eyes.

No word on the theme for next week...surely they can come up with something a little new for this season.

Until then, keep Idol.



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