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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Like Jessica Sanchez Even Less and Whose Lying?

One of the big topics on several sites after last night's performances was the subject of song choices. People interpreted Nicki's comments to Amber about thinking *why did they make me sing this song?* as proof that the extras really don't have as much  song choice as the show would like the audience to believe.  And Lazaro stating he had to make a switch in songs at the last minute was also rather revealing. We already knew from prior seasons that when they announce a theme, they give them a list of like 30 songs and they are expected to choose from that list and also from interviews that the extras are given *guidance* from vocal coaches etc. on the production team in their song choice.

This state of affairs obviously called for someone to set the record straight (or do major damage control) and who else but the trusted straight shooter Jimmy Iovine to handle that task.  He assured us 1) the contestants choose the songs and Amber chose hers  and 2) that Lazaro was *confused or nervous* because he had that song at least 5 days before the performance.  More on this topic in a moment.

Jimmy gives his take on the performances, which pretty much mirrored my opinion although he thought better of Amber's performance than I did (but I stand corrected..she did not change the melody).  I love how he sees that something is wrong with Angie. He thinks she is over dramatizing the songs.  I hope she doesn't listen to him  and fix anything but I really think it is impossible for her not to keep doing what she is doing as she is so impressed with herself. And that is what is wrong with her.  She poops and smells roses.    

This week they are not announcing the order of voting.  Whether this is because the show got negative feedback about it or if they just want to keep the audience guessing what they will do next week...who knows?  I'm glad they are back to the old way, myself.  

Ryan shows Amber having trouble during rehearsal with all the smoke blocking her view of the steps.  While this is mildly interesting, it is unclear why it is important that we know about this particular rehearsal glitch as opposed to the many that undoubtedly occur each week, especially since Ryan sends Amber back to the couch to wait for her results and the segment kind of dies there without much of a point.  More on this topic in another moment.

Ryan calls Paula Jo to center stage to give him a scroll about Paul Jolley day in his hometown and then tells him he is in the bottom 3.  I am not surprised as the judges ran over him with the bus last night, but darn it, I was just starting to like him a little bit.

Casey Abrams performs and doesn't disappoint putting his jazzy style on *I Saw Her Standing There*.  Hate the hairdo...what the HECK is it with hair this season...but basically enjoyed the performance although he went a little too over the top on the skatting and grimacing and yowling.

Next to face his fate is Lazaro, who looks like he is about to cry again.  He says he learned from the judge's critique that it is important to only sing songs you love and not change your song. So..he is either continuing the big lie or Jimmy was lying or Jimmy did meet with him 5 days before the performance and they worked on *In My Life*, decided to do another song, then at the last minute went back to *In My Life*.  Either way...someone wants to leave the wrong impression on the viewers about this  matter so it is a minor scandal. He is safe and many viewers are groaning about it as even the biggest Lazaro supporter has to admit he sucked last night.

Jessica Sanchez is back much to my utter disgust and they do a little video where she tells us all about her fabulous life since Idol and how much everyone loves her in the Phillipines (and all over evidently) and about her modeling and acting possibilities.  Then she performs with Neo, whom I have never heard of, but he is great so I'm wondering what favor he owed to what producer to force him to sing with Ms. full of herself Sanchez.  She is dancing around and dressed to kill.  Whether this song will be a big hit or not, I'm not going to judge. Just don't make me watch her again.  

More results...Devin is in the bottom 3.  He is not catching on with the audience.  He needs a moment next week or he is going home. 

Then all the girls are safe except for Amber and its just her with Burnell on the couch.  Burnell is safe so Amber is in the bottom 3 and now is the time for more damage control as Nicki (having been read the riot act by Nigel)walks back her statement about Amber not wanting to do that song and says it must have been the worry about the lyrics and the smoke that made her seem off last night.

And then Paula Jo sings his swan song and they don't save him.  They are saving the save for one of the girls.  They will have to use it in the next 3 weeks.  Just my luck they will use it on Angie.  I was sort of hoping Amber would be in last place because I know they would have saved her leaving no possibility to use it on Angie.

Next week is Motown once again.  I have no clue how some of these people will handle it, especially Devin and Angie.  Predict that Angie will find a ballad to sing.  Lets hope Lazaro finds a song he loves and doesn't become another Sanjaya.  

Until next week, stay Idol.    



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