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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Save Idol

What a strange show tonight. Its like TPTB realize the end is nigh and want to relive the glory days but then they do something stupid like have the women sing a Donna Summer medley and you think...they just don't care anymore.  So, why should we?

I know Donna Summer's recently died but her music was dead 30 years ago and no one has been clamoring for Disco revival.  So they put them out there prancing around (and singing in a key way too low for Janelle and Kree..hmmm) looking like fools.  And they top it off with a stupid Fiesta mission to go find the star of Glee and its clear that while these girls can sing...none of them can act because hearing them mechanically say the lines from the script they were given as they searched for the clues was painful.  Arrg

So, they are bringing them on one by one to see the recap and hear Jimmy's advice and I can hardly stand to watch Angie.  I would report on what Jimmy said but nobody cares what he thinks anymore so lets put him out to pasture too.

Paula Abdul surprises Candice and that is a nice touch and I want to have all the judges from every season up for an audience vote and the top 3 vote getters are made the judges next season.  I'm pretty sure Paula would be in that top 3 and Nicki Menaj would have to sing for the save and 90% of the viewers would not vote to save her. Randy would be gone and Steven Tyler would be in his place.  I'm assuming Simon would make a mad dash back to Idol since X Factor is such a bust but I would vote for Keith instead.  Yay for The Voice!

I didn't watch season 2 when Clay and Ruben had their duel for the top spot but have read over the years on the Forum that die hard Aiken fans are still convinced there was some sort of technological glitch (accidental or on purpose) which prevented him from winning.  He is singing his iconic BOTW tonight and I cannot help but wondering if its done to show Lazaro fans how the song should be sung.  But, I'm not into Clay's version either.  His voice is great but all the melisma and vibrato and runs are making me crazy.  However, I guess I know who started that fad that so many Idol hopefuls have imitated.  Just sing the damn song, Clay.

Her comes Fantasia.  I did not see her season either but cannot imagine how Minnie Mouse beat Jennifer Hudson.   All I can remember about Fantasia is everyone raving about her Summertime performance which I watched on Youtube to see what all the fuss was about.  It was ok, but hardly earth shattering.  There was an article a few years ago in People magazine about her being down to her last $3 and she couldn't afford to pay off the pizza delivery man.  Evidently she squandered what little money she made after Idol on family, friends, and junk.  Her song is making me tense.  Looks like its making Nicki tense too. Fantasia has been taking acting lessons because she emotes the heck out of the song...trembling lip....bug eyes and all.  I suspect she is not as desperate for the man as she is for the bucks and I suppose being down to your last $3 would make my lip quiver if I was trying to make a comeback too. 

Ok..here come  the results and I was sad to see Kree in the bottom 2 and Angie in the top 3.  But good for Amber to get out of the bottom 2 and some confidence.  They are still using the save....when will it end?  Will they save the one who is sent home after the finale?  What a crock!  Of course, they don't want Janelle there anymore and she is going home and as my friend the boss said...they will really start pushing the favorites now.  Actually, that may not be a bad thing because I think they love Amber more than Angie and maybe love Kree more than Angie too. Candice is their chosen one so I hope she is not the psycho girl Lazaro talked about.  

But...they will probably use the save next week.  They have an extra week of production if they do not use it. 

I have no idea what bad theme they will take on next week.  At least they are done with poor dead Donna Summers and we can be thankful for that. 

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