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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not Forever, Amber

They  revamped her, they pimped her, they coddled her, they put her in short shorts and short skirts nearly every week,  they saved the save for her and they lied for her but all of that was not enough to get Amber (*Little Rihanna*) Holcomb into the final 3. So, she goes home in tears tonight as America finally says enough of Amber.  Now, in truth, I wish America had had enough of Angie but that wasn't going to happen to little Miss Angie Apple, even though, all told, she had the worst night of all of them last night.
I wasn't going to watch tonight but I'm glad I did because for once, I thoroughly enjoyed all three of the guest artists.  Always wonderful to see David Cook and while that song will need to grow on me a little bit, he is the same slightly offbeat but down to earth gentleman we fell in love with in Season 7.  He lives in Nashville now and I wanted to shove him and Kree together and make a new dynamic duo along the lines of George and Tammy, Johnny and June, Tim and Faith, and Blake and Miranda.

Is Will I Am a rapper?  My gosh I loved that performance!  He was doing real dancing!  He even tapped!  Of course, the 1920's to me is like the 1970's is to kids today and like the 1980s will be to KK's kids so I loved the 20's vibe to the song.  

And of course, Harry Connick, Jr., whom I would like to marry.  He doesn't seem nearly has high maintenance as Jimmy and hasn't sold his soul to the Idol devil (Nigel) to push mediocrity to the masses.  And I really think he doesn't like Angie very well.

Jimmy was not a fan of Angie Apple last night but had to preface his comments with praise for her over-rated performances last week (I really saw no big difference in the two weeks...same old Angie Apple posturing and polishing the audience with her faux flirtation and faux smile.)  He thought Amber's My Funny Valentine was extraordinary and I thought it was not but he acknowledged that her first song was not up to par.  He excused it because *she didn't have time to learn it*.  Funny...he wasn't letting Lazaro get away with that excuse and she certainly had as much time as anyone else and probably could have learned it if she wasn't practicing the overdone runs for My Funny Valentine all week.   I'm with Harry, the runs were stupid and ruined the song. Jimmy rightfully praised Candice....but had a hard time when it came to Kree and basically had to say *she could do more* (this is the man who told her not to oversing, remember?).  So, her two *good* performances got her in last place in Jimmy's eyes because Amber had My Funny Valentine, Candice was great, and Angie Apple was Angie the apple of America's eyes (and her own).

You know, I was feeling bad for Amber (not because she is better than the other 3...well she is better than Angie) but because she seems like such a sweet natural girl.  Then we see her comments about how she is so excited to walk the red carpet and be in movies and magazines and I'm thinking this girl is not in it for the music...she is in it for the perks and that turned me off.  Also...I think she used the phrase *give back* which I don't think meant she was going to head up a charity like David Cook and Crystal Bowersox.  I think she wants to give back by giving her glorious talent to the world and we should be grateful, dammit! 

So, Angie, Kree and Candice are going home to celebrate.  Candice's trip should be a hoot...I've spent some time in her neck of the woods...and I'm looking forward to seeing it televised.  Kree should get a good old fashioned Texas welcome.  I have no idea what Boston will do for Angie since Boston is a bit preoccupied at the moment and I don't plan to pay any attention to it.  I just hope she doesn't sully Fenway by singing the National Anthem, or god forbid, Sweet Caroline! 

On another note, I guess Nicki was tweeting trash about Mariah today since Mariah evidently made some comment which I didn't catch about *when you have a number one record* in their little spat last night.   Man...get rid of Nicki!!!

Update:  well.i.am....complete oblivious to today's music because I did not know will.i.am. is a member of the Black Eyed Peas ( I have heard of them...KK where are you when I need you?).  Also, from reading the other recaps of the show, I gather I was the only one in America who liked his performance!  Maybe I cut him a break because I just thought he was some rapper and was surprised he could dance?  Also, Harry Connick, Jr. is being panned by the critics.  OK, he is old fashioned and sort of sappy.  That's why I love him. 


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