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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Good, The Bad, the Indifferent, The Infuriating and Thank Goodness Its Over!

Congratulations to Candice Glover who deserved to win tonight.  Of course, Kree did too.  Couldn't be a wrong result with those two and while I wanted Kree to win, I will count Candice's win as #1 on the *good* things about tonight's show.  So ironic that with the Idol production melting down before our eyes all season, one of the good ones took the title.  Almost as if America was trying to save Idol in spite of itself.

Other *good* things about tonight's show, in as Ryan says *no particular order*:

The Band Perry with Janelle Arthur.  I had never heard of them but they are evidently a rising country group.  I thought Janelle was great with her dancing and moving along with the lead singer and I was very proud of her.  The song *Done* grew on me as the performance went on.  I did google them to find out more about them and...interesting fact...one of their hits is *Better Dig Two*, the song they gave Kree to sing as *producers choice* in the top three.  I'm wondering if there was some sort of deal between The Band Perry and Idol to feature their song and Kree was the victim.  It suits Janelle, did not suit Kree (and not only because she buried 2 in real life).

Top 5 Men sing a Medley of Four Seasons songs with Frankie Valli.  Hardly current fare, but I enjoyed it since I grew up on those songs and I especially loved watching Keith sing along with *I Love you Babeee*.  Not much featuring of the individual men finalists but really who cares.  If Lazaro screwed this one up it wasn't evident.

Candice and Jennifer Hudson singing *Inseparable*.  This was probably THE performance of the night.  I loved it, got a little teary and at that moment, if I didn't know it before, I knew Candice had won the title. 

Mariah in her mermaid dress.  This was taped beforehand and I'm thinking she may also have been lip syncing but it was good to see her perform a medley of her hits (which I have not followed) and well...I'm glad they featured her after the crap she has had to endure this season.

Keith and his new single...haven't we heard this before? I'm not sure this was a mind-blowing performance but he is so cute dammit...he could have stood there for 2 minutes and I would have enjoyed watching him.

Making fun of the judges.  Really, the only good thing about it was the last shot of Devin's padded butt as he mimicked Nicki but that is enough to get it up here in the good category. Nicki seemed like she wanted to appear amused but really was not.

Nicki hardly said a word.  In fact, I'm not sure she said anything at all!  Have the producers seen the light and put a zip on her lip or was she just pouting because Mariah, Keith, and Randy all performed tonight and she didn't?  Lets hope reports that she won't be back are accurate.     

The Bad

The Boys Were Sabotaged sequence.  I suppose it was somewhat humorous if not side-splitting but it was bad because it was true.  These 5 WERE sabotaged not by the girls, obviously, but by being put in the top 10 to begin with when better guys were eliminated to avoid having a white guy with guitar win this season.  I still think the guy with the titanium leg showed promise and he didn't even make it to Hollywood!  Who knows who they threw away to come up with the final line-up of men who had no sex appeal for straight women (or gay) and zero charisma for gay men. 

Jennifer Lopez.  Why do we need to see her and some rapper named Pit Bull sing a song about JLO?  I seriously hope this isn't a precursor to bringing her back to the panel.  Performance so autotuned you could literally hear the system working.  Also probably lip synced.

Psy(I?)  Ok, kimchee is not the worst product of South Korea anymore.  Psy, of whom I had heard before tonight, has been dubbed by MTV as the *viral star of 2012*.  Viral indeed and where is my vaccine?  He is supposedly sort of a joke but not really a joke but to me of course he is a joke and I'm ticked off that air time was wasted on him.  I would rather eat a pound of kimchee than see him and his *gangnam* crap.  I actually have never tasted kimchee but according to Mr. Auntee, who spent time in South Korea, it is vile.

Lazaro hogging the camera after Candice was crowned.  What was with him?  I'm thinking he's not as nice as he pretends to be.  Its not like they were particularly close, like Candice and Burnell.  He was EVERYWHERE the camera was. 

The Indifferent

Amber and Emili Sonde.  I like Emili but couldn't get into Amber even in her snakeskin pants which seemed to fit her funny in the crotch. She was just kinda all over the place in uncontrolled vocal gymnastics and not with the song really. 

Angie, Adam, and Jessie C.  More on this later.  Adam was good but I could have done without more Angie.  I hope someone in the UK likes her and she stays there never to be heard from again.

Tribute to Randy.  Ok, it was probably nicely done.  Goodbye Randy.

The Infuriating

Yes, everyone said that Candice was the runaway winner and I'm not saying she didn't deserve it but did Kree need to be treated like typhoid Mary tonight?  

Lets start with Aretha who may or may not have known the winner but who basically spilled the beans when she went on and on about Candice.  (I liked Aretha's performance but I was seething already at that point about short-changing Kree so I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have).

Then, Ryan introduces Angie and talks about her *shock* elimination which of course everyone knows means *she should have been in the finale instead of Kree* and then they proceed with the most infuriating part of the show to me which was giving her more time than Kree.
 I am  also pretty sure that Amber got more voice time than Kree and of course Angie...with 2 songs each of which seemed longer than Krees,  did.  Its almost as if they scripted the finale 4 weeks ago on the belief that their plan to shovel Kree off the show in 4th place would work.  Then, while it was nice to sing with Keith and have Randy play back up, the sound of the guitars drowned out both her voice and Keith's so you couldn't really enjoy the performance.  It was really more about Keith and Randy than Kree.  Why not give her a little more glory time?  She was robbed of face time tonight in favor of Angie and that pisses me off. Basically, we heard as much of Janelle as we did of Kree tonight.  I'm still livid about it frankly.

So...at last this season is over.  I have no idea if I will watch next season.   It depends on how stupid they are with the judges selection.  Keith has said he would love to come back and I think most viewers would be fine with that.

And, thanks for reading me this season.  Its been a hard slog for all of us I think.   



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