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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Up Your Nose Nigel Lythgoe!

As I seethed intermittently today over last night's show and the brazen insensitivity of making Kree sing about grave digging for her last chance to win votes, I realized I didn't have to watch this show any more any more and I didn't watch it tonight.  However, I had to go to MJ's website and see what happened and to my surprise (and evidently to the surprise of all of the judges who had been paid to get America to dump Kree) Angie was eliminated.  Fortunately, MJ's site also has clips of the crucial moments and I was able to see what happened when Angie's dreams didn't come true. 

Kree looked shocked, the judges looked shocked, Nicki was having some sort of sidebar with Keith (demanding a recount or plotting how to screw Kree in the finale?) and Angie cried her way through her swan song.

Was it the hometown video that swayed the voters?  Was it the blatant favoritism that made them vote hard for the underdog?  Did America just like the girl who hugs everyone and didn't act like a prima donna? Who knows.  The right two are in the finale and I don't care now how it ends because both deserve the title.

And, in the meantime, Idol is still tanking in the ratings and came in second to the voice among the key demographics Wednesday night.  Realizing they have a disaster on their hands and that their crown jewel is turning to coal, Fox reportedly is doing a total revamp and canning all 4 judges and Nigel for next season.  http://www.thewrap.com/tv/article/insider-american-idol-firing-all-four-judges-getting-massive-makeover-90256

Randy has reportedly already issued a statement that he won't be returning.  I would like to see Keith come back but I suspect that all the drama this season has made him want to hit the bottle again and that he will go back to Nashville, Nicole Kidman and his two little girls with relief that this nightmare is over.   Mariah will be fine.  Randy has made a bunch of money over the past years and he will be fine too.  As for Nicki, well, if Idol doesn't return, or if next season is its last, she will forever be remembered for tanking the show.  Which is in some ways unfair but in other ways not so much. 

And, I find some real joy in knowing that America ultimately didn't care about what boots or short shorts or leather pants and skirts people were wearing, what color their lipstick or eyeshadow was and whether or not they had lost weight.  It just voted for the singers it liked the most.  Yay for America. 

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