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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wake Me Up When Its Over

I admit I have some reasons not to be in a real funny happy mood and I also admit that the songs on the top 10 Billboard list since 2010 or 2011 are not really *in my wheelhouse* but...I was a little bored tonight.  However, one of the reasons I watch Idol is to keep somewhat current (o.k. Idol is hardly somewhat current but it is more current than MY life) so I was looking forward to tonight's performances.  Sadly, I have a feeling this blog is going to make you want to sing *wake me up when its over*.

I had no idea what Harry was talking about when he said he was doing the nay nay during the earthquake.  Fortunately, he corrected the spelling and I have google so now I know Nae Nae is a dance where you go into a half squat and bounce around.  I think the original spelling Harry used is a more appropriate name for it because there ain't nay way it is attractive.

The first performer (in the death spot) was MK.  How pissed were the producers that she wasn't in the bottom 3 and their precious Majesty and Sam were?  Pretty pissed I would say.  She sang Pink's *Perfect* a song I knew because I watched the Voice last year and saw Michelle Shamuel perform it 100 times better.  And, Randy and MK owe a big thank you to Usher and Michelle because it was Usher's idea for Michelle to start the song singing into a mirror.  So...I lost focus on the performance from the start and got it back only when MK missed the musical cue or forgot the words or whatever she did that made her sing out of sync with the chorus.  This was not even close to a perfect performance and I predict bottom 3 again or even elimination for MK.  

Dexter Mumbles comes on next singing Cruise.  I think I saw the original band perform this on some show...perhaps it was The Voice again?  Dexter's enunciation was better but basically his performance was no better than any half decent band in a honky tonk so I'm drifting further and further from this whole production. He will be safe because Ben's voters will probably gravitate to him.  I would send him home to his dogs.

Jena loves electronic music and sang Clarity while the audience flashed some glow sticks around.  It was probably one of the 2 or 3 best performances of the night but I didn't hear any electronic music.  I may be crazy or I may be deaf.  Jena is safe.

Alex sang The Story of My Life by One Direction and as much as it pains me to say it in as much as he is not my favorite, his was the best performance of the night.  I had not heard this song (or Clarity) before and his performance made me want to look it up on Youtube.  So...if I cannot sleep tonight I probably will.  I'm also going to look up Clarity and see if I can hear any electronic music. 

Bless Malaya's heart.  I loved her conviction as she sang the much over-covered When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.  I think hers was the 3rd best performance of the night.  

I was hoping the 2nd half would pick me up some so I had high hopes for Caleb covering Gaga's Edge of Glory.  I agree with Keith who called it lumbering.  I was thinking he wasn't on the edge of anything except maybe a good bowel movement as he sang it.  Perhaps he was constipated. 

Ah..my man CJ.  I just love his heart so much.  I was sorry he was sharp the whole dang song because he had so much conviction in his face it almost brought tears to my eyes.  I hope he is safe.  

And here comes Jessica.  This girl needs some help picking songs.  I get what she was saying about the dichotomy of the tune with the lyrics...but Harry was right...what emotion she gave us...and it was very little..was not in sync with the song about some kid with a gun who is getting ready to go on a shooting spree.  Why she chose that song I do not know but it shows she doesn't get the game here.  You choose songs that make the audience happy or sad...not songs that make them uneasy.  I hope she is safe.  Her vocal was stellar tonight but she has got to get some appropriate emotion going and sing a song the audience will love. 

How scared were the producers about last weeks bottom 3?  Scared enough to put two sleepy performances in the pimp spots.  I'm about over Majesty.  I thought her voice was breathy, her dynamics were forced, and that this was just not that great a performance of Wake Me Up.  I had never heard the song and her rendition did not inspire me to Youtube.  And Sam was no better.  Better than last week but still timid as he sang We Are Young (also a song I do not know and am not inspired to look up).   I imagine they will both be safe because their fans got a bit of a scare last week,  but seriously, I wouldn't be sorry to see either of them go.  They lulled me almost into a coma tonight. 

My prediction is that MK will go home tomorrow and that Jessica might be in the bottom 3 due to song choice, not performance.  I don't know who will sit in the 3rd stool.   


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