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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Caleb Johnson Not Happy with *Retards* On Twitter

Hmm...seems my instincts about Caleb were correct.  He gave an interview after the results show in which he referred to people sending him messages on social media as *retards* and stated he didn't appreciate all the song suggestions being sent his way since he can choose his own songs.  He has since apologized by claiming that he was referring to those people who send him hate messages on twitter...although that certainly wasn't what he was talking about in the interview.  Judge for yourself:  https://music.yahoo.com/blogs/reality-rocks/-american-idol--finalist-caleb-johnson-apologizes-for-slur-084719848.html

In addition, he talked about the hometown visit and the *hookers and cocaine* waiting for him there (which was arguably a joke but it sort of tells you where his head is at doesn't it?)

I have always thought he was entirely too full of himself. Sometimes my *irrational* dislike of these contestants proves to be justified.   

There is also much speculation whether Jena and Alex will suffer for voting no on Thursday night.  I doubt that they will as most fans were not happy with the *twist* and were happy that it didn't work.  

I'm thinking Caleb ought to be toast.    

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