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Friday, January 30, 2009

AI Week in Review

DVR is the best invention ever made!! It allows those of us who are ridiculously busy (read: too impatient for commercials and/or crappy auditions) to watch an entire week of AI in one night. Then post about each audition in the meticulous manner in which they deserve:

Front runners (in MY mind anyway):

1. Meaghan, the single mother with the sleeve (of tats) - I absolutely love her old school, jazzy voice and would buy her record - which is, as you will see, how I judge whether a contestant is worthy of the AI title.

2. Frankie, who they compared to Amy Winehouse - I liked Amy Winehouse until she turned into a crack head and stopped singing. If she can overcome that comparison, I'll like her even more!

3. Anne Marie, who got 2 chances to come sing as two "different people" - I don't know what was wrong with her the 1st time, I liked the before and the after. And she's really pretty. And she wore clothes!

4. Rose, the hippy - I love everything about her from her barefooted audition, to her dreadlocks (which they'll clearly make her take out before they'll let her compete) and her voice that reminds me of Grace Slick (who I love - thanks to my dad, who was a hippy, too, I'm sure.)

Most Overrated:

1. Austin, the class president (aka "pukaletta part II") - I'm waiting for the stage dad from hell to push him into crappy song choices, just like he probably pushed him into the class president gig and that horrible purple letterman's sweater.

2. Taylor, the 6 foot tall Samoan - other than her height, she's average and boring. I do give her props for wearing heels!

3. TK, who butchered Imagine - just because he can hit 16,000 notes, doesn't mean he should try them all in one verse of one song.

4. Julissa, the beauty/drag queen from Florida - not pretty, not talented, not likeable at all. Actually, she's kinda creepy.

5. David Osmond - one of the few times I'll disagree with Auntee, I'm sure. I've never liked any of the Osmonds and David is no exception. He's good lookin' sure. He's got the sob story in the bag, sure (I'm not a horrible person, I am sorry for his MS). But other than that, he's kinda boring.


1. Headband guy - are you kidding me? Even he didn't believe that he'd gotten through!

2. Bald naked girl - bald. naked. girl. Enough said.

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