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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank God for American Idol!

It has torn me away from my obsession with the Stephen Fowler Wifeswap Drama. I really need to be more careful what I watch on Friday nites when I'm waiting for it to be past dinnertime to call Colorado. This week, the filler was Wifeswap and I got embroiled in an internet drama of major proportions. Unfortunately, his vile conduct piqued my conscience a bit so I probably won' be as snarky about the Idol contestants as I would have otherwise.

On to the show:

The judges certainly have their favorites and no matter how badly they screwed up tonite they went through. Lil Rounds was the first contestant and she is a lovely person as I recall from her audition. Very Melinda Doolittle in personality. Unfortunately, in my opinion, she is just another screamer. And to my dismay she started with the screamer's favorite ...Whitney singing Dolly only screaming even louder. The judges ate it up. Before they commented I wrote ARG! in my notes because it sounded to me like she really botched it. If she doesn't sing that song again I will probably like her better.

Then there was the spoilsport kid who told the judges they sucked blah blah bore.

Another young man from a bad background who cried (Nathaniel). I think his voice is OK. He sang a song no one had heard of. I hope he quits crying and sings in later performances.

Rose Flack who is only 17 and I adore her. I don't think she will make it though as she has lost confidence and it showed. She really has no experience in performing unlike David Archuletta who has been singing in front of audiences since age 2 1/2. I understand she gets cut later on. She should probably have gone out and done some local group things and beefed up her experience.

Then there is Von Smith. Now he IS another Pukealittle. Simon called him childish and indulgent tonight but they let him through anyway...probably for the tween audience. I have a feeling I'll be writing about him for quite a few weeks.

I wrote down two names: Steven (oh yes he sang the Stevie Wonder song). I liked him but he needs to get a more stylish haircut. I don't know if the judges will think he is *current* enough for the long haul and a re-style might help his image as he looks like he's in a member of the Temptations in 1972.

Jorge...well...Jorge...I think he over sings but he is not obnoxious so I'm not gong to make any cracks about him.

I LOVE Nick/Norman the comedian. He really did relax the whole group. I think he is a good soul. He can sing too but its hard to tell how well since he vamps it up.

OK, it looks like the blind guy makes it through and so does the Amy Winehouse girl, Frankie.

By day 2 I was getting a little bored. Bikini girl made it through despite Kara's critique because Randy and Simon are pimping Kara about her I think. I need to double check if she really does make it to top 35 because I had her named mixed up with the girl with the big boobs who DOES make it to the top 35, Kristen McNamera. They haven't shown her yet and I don't know why.

David Yoki (sp) and his buddy Jamar made it through. I think Jamar is not probably going to go all the way but the judges love David and I might like him too once he gets some music behind him. He has a certain David Cook feel about him.

The two rocker girls made it through too. I like them both but have to wonder about the one who changed her song at the last minute (the one with the pink hair). Bad judgment.

OK...this is my new snark free persona (well except for Pukealittle).

And it looks like Idol intervened just in time because the Message Boards are saying that Stephen Fowler has apologized, his wife is leaving him, and his professional life is in shambles. So I guess that drama has played out.


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