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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Cry For Thee Tatiana

The truth is that no one likes you, not the young men, not the old men, you are annoying ... you will get no votes. With the exception of Vote for the Worsters who will put her up this week.

OK, had to get that out of my system.

Now, can we trade Jorge, Nathaniel, anyone? for Jamar?

Good news is they showed a few more women tonite besides Tatiana and Kristin McNamara (who was showing off her boobs tonite) and I think I like that 16 year old redheaded gal and Jackie Tone.

I am more than pissed about Joanna Pacettie (or as the VFTW people say...Plant City). She totally screwed up in Hollywood and they let her through which means she has an agent. Plus...I think I read that her boyfriend is recording one of Kara's songs. Here poor Rose forgot her words once and was gone but Joanna who has connections with Kara forgets them THREE times and sort of mumbles through Hollywood *MMM MMM MMM * and gets in because this is her chance? What about the last record deal she had? God this is annoying.

KK, my heart is not throbbing for emo Adam because its pretty clear he is gay. I do like his voice though. I'm totally with you on the oil rig guy and the welder. They have very much sex appeal potential for me but I like manly men.

I THINK my gal with the tatoos made it through. I think her name is Megan Corkrey. I am so irked they spent all that time on Tatiana we never got to see the other people sing.

A side note about Kristen McNamara. She has done nothing to make me hate her but I think Simon was right. The other gal is better. I have an aversion to anyone but Dolly or Whitney singing Dolly.

Nick/Norman cracks me up. Phil Stacey on the eagle blog has a theory that Simon let him through just so he gets far enough he cannot keep coming back. I think he has a kind heart. He will probably go quickly.

Now...who in America is going to vote for Tatiana? She has to be fingernails on chalkboard to men of all ages. She is pretty and has a curvy figure but once she opens her mouth she has to be anathema to men. Tweens won't go for her. Women have hated her almost as much as bikini girl. Surely she will be voted off next week? She will be the VFTW pick so that might save her . I wonder if gay men would like her? I wish I still knew some gay men to ask them. But, in her defense, she didn't forget the words, she sings no worse than Joanna Plantcity and probably deserves to be there as much as Joanna Plantcity does.

I have nothing personally against Joanna except that poor Rose was bombed out because she forgot the words plus being paired with bikini girl.

And what is this with Jorge? He is so not even retro. He is just boring. And they let Jamar go home so we could see this guy sing boring falsetto?

Also...Von (Yawn) Smith the Archie pretender. I'm pretty sure we will be stuck with hm for a very very long time unfortunately. At least he has short hair so we will be spared the Sanjaya mohawk.

Ok...right now...I'm rooting for the big men, Scott the blind guy, Danny Gokey, and Stephen Fowler (the good one). Also rooting for Jackie Tone and Megan Corkrey. The other women are just boring to me. Maybe they will change my mind later on.

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  1. I can't believe it but I'm posting something ahead of Auntee and KK. I read this morning that Joanna Pacitti is out (ineligble - I guess all of her connections were finally too much for the producers to attempt to conceal). She has been replaced by someone named Felicia Barton whom I do not remember at all.