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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First, We Kill the Producers

No that is not a terrorist threat simple taking liberties with Shakespeare.

Whose idea was it to take these 36, at least 20 of whom are marginal, and subject America to their lack of talent and at the same time embroil us in their personal stories only to see them crash and burn because most of them have no talent? And what ignoramus is advising these young kids on their song choices? Someone has to be. And who decides that with only the top 3 each week some wheat gets thrown away with the chaffe? I was so miffed at the producers that by the time Norman/Nick sang I was ready to call all night long on his behalf just to screw up their system.

IF there was a decent performance tonite it would be Allison. She is only 16 and very good plus she sang a song that...like...um... most of America would know and certainly Idol fans will know because it is sung at least 5 times each season. Still, compared to other shows it was merely decent. I had very high hopes for Megan and I still like her but neither she nor the redhead (who I also like) knocked my socks off with the song they chose. I see potential there though for both of them. And, I'm a little irritated I cannot remember the redhead's name. Bette Davis Eyes happens to be one of my favorite songs too as sung by Kim Carnes whose vocal chords were trashed far more than David Archuletas and which was a big hit the summer I drove back and forth from Wichita to Lawrence from clerking at Foulston to work on the Law Review. I still see me in my little yellow Opel on the turnpike singing along to that song.

I liked Kai. I think he is hot. He made my toes curl. (Nieces don't go EWWWWWWW).

Adam got the pimp spot (you know who they think is the best by who they give the last spot to). I love men who love their mothers. That said....no one and I mean no one...should sing that song but Mick Jagger. Has anyone else even TRIED? I mean like any other rocker since 1966? *Crickets Chirping*.

What the judges were programmed to say was just a major disconnect to me. All I saw was some musical theatre guy camping up that song. It was SOOO camp! I hated it.

It made a mockery of Mick Jagger. The guy can sing but boy he lost me with that song choice. Probably forever.

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