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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can we start voting the Judges Off?

A pleasant surprise for me. I actually knew some of the songs. But, I found myself increasingly irritated at the judges as the night went on.

Anoop. They tell him to bounce around more. He does. They decide he doesn't bounce around well enough to bounce around even though his *vocals are good*. I prefer the non-bouncy Anoop myself, but come on...give they guy a break. I didn't know the song so don't know if he added anything to it or not. I didn't like the song but thought Anoop was not so awful as the judges did.

Megan. For the first time I thought she actually chose a song she sang well and which showed off her unique voice. The judges said she was boring. So to make her more interesting Paula suggests she simply sit on a stool next week. Kara wants her to sing Amy Winehouse. Kara wishes she, herself, was as interesting as Amy Winehouse. Instead she is just a barking dog. Hmm...I wonder if Amy Winehouse songs are even cleared for Idol. Bottom line, the judges are done with Megan and pissed off she is the Vote for the Worst choice because she may threaten one of their favorites.

Danny Gokey. He finds yet again another song about losing the love of his life to remind us of his dead wife and *let my emotions* come through. He does it well but I'm still thinking he is a poor imitation of David Cook and I'm not buying him right now.

Allison. Well her stylist should be fired and this wasn't her best performance but she is good and I think I will give her a few votes because right now she is pretty likeable.

Scott McIntyre. His stylist should be given a raise as he has cool new hair and is wearing a manly leather jacket instead of dorky pink pants. And he really sang the heck out of that song. I am glad the judges liked it because I did. I liked that the orchestra stayed out of it.

Matt Giraud. Well Matt, Kara does NOT want you to be a rock star. She does not find you sexy as a rock star. Do you get it now? I thought his performance was (to use the in cliche this year) self-indulgent. I liked the song though. Just not him singing it.

Lil Rounds. Well, like Anoop, she foolishly follows the judges advice and goes for the diva song. Problem is, she picked the wrong diva. They want you to sing Mary J. Blige Lil so get with the program. Are Mary J. Blige songs cleared for Idol performances? Who knows.

Adam. After his Elvis look was successful last week, he trots it out again adding some Elvis moves to Play that Funky Music. He has abandoned the nail polish and eyeshadow, probably for good, and is trying to make American women think he is not gay. He can sing though and it was entertaining. Kara blurts out another verbal gaffe and refers to the legendary New York disco *Studio 57*. Duh...even I know it was Studio 54.

Chris Allen. He brings out a very very oldie (I had forgotten who originally sang it so googled it and was reminded it was Bill Withers in 1971...I was not legal yet). I like him and so did the judges although it wasn't a Jason *Alleluia* moment for me. Kara does count her words right this time but she had to use her fingers to do it.

My guess on bottom 3? Anoop, Megan and Matt if the judges comments mean anything. Lil may be the shocker this week.

Worst performance of the night? Kara Diaguardi and her inane barking.

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