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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Surprising myself yet again.

It happened again - I didn't like who I thought I was going to like, and I liked who I thought I wouldn't.

My favorite performance of the night (by a mile): Kris. Absolutely brilliant what he did with that "old" song to make it new and fresh. My husband is going to download it from iTunes (a first this year), and I would buy a CD with that song on it. Where did this kid come from?

Second favorite: Matt. I died inside when the judges gave him harsh critique. I think he rocked The Frey, made some artistic changes to the song, and I love his voice! I voted and re-dialed. I love him.

Everybody else. EVERYBODY else I could do without.

Anoop was the worst for me. I get why he was confused by the judges' comments: "bounce around, don't bounce around". But he really doesn't understand what type of musician he is. He is NOT (and never will be) Usher - who is famous as much for his dancing abilities and his looks than he is his singing. Anoop, dear, you're not cute and you can't dance. Sorry.

Scott was the second worst. I hate this guy more and more every week. And I honestly think his stylist is messing with him. Last week with the pink pants. This week with the Simon t-shirt (complete with chest hair) and poofy mullet. It's like they're saying: "he'll never know how stupid he looks, let's do this, it's funny." He's Christian Rock. And his voice sounds like a Muppet. (Yes, that says Muppet.)

Lil - what are you doing, girl?? I like Celine, but you picked her most boring song ever. And why are you trying to pick a new style every week, too? Please come back, real Lil. I miss you! (But her kids are frickin' adorable - good for a few votes. Nice trick, Ryan!)

I think Gwen Stefani would be proud of Allison. She did the song justice, even though I think her guitar messed her up. And I'm still pulling for her. But she needs a new stylist, stat.

Adam - welcome back to screamy Broadway. Talk about "indulgent" ... every single performance of his is indulgent, yet the judges never use that word with him. Just because you comb your hair back doesn't mean I'm going to like you again. I hate that he'll win this show.

I'm so over Danny Goeke it's not even funny. I don't even think his voice is that good. He's getting boring, every song sounds the same, and he's too cocky.

Meaghan, my Meaghan. Why didn't you sing Amy Winehouse, Duffy, or Adele? You haven't learned by now that your voice is just like theirs, and that's clearly the peg the judges are trying to put you in? And another comment about your "fans" still voting for you ... darling, I was a fan, and you're losing me.

Bottom three SHOULD be: Meaghan, Scott, Anoop

Bottom three will probably be: Meaghan, Matt, and Allison

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