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Friday, March 6, 2009

Lucky number 13!

Over all, I'm thrilled with the way this turned out.

Von and Tatiana had their ridiculous amounts of unnecessary camera time, and then they were asked to leave. Bu Bye.

(Although, I did feel a quick twinge of sadness for Von when the camera flashed to his mother - who is clearly a stage mother from hell - and then back to Von. But my husband assured me that my sadness was misplaced pregnancy emotions and I was being ridiculous.)

I had no doubt in my mind that Meaghan and Jasmine would go through. There have been 9 (NINE!) guys and only 3 girls up to this point. I assumed they'd try to even it out a bit. And after Tatiana sang the same old, same old, I knew Jasmine was in.

I continue to love Meaghan and guarantee that I'll buy her CD (or download her from iTunes) in the future.

I can see how Kara pushes Jasmine's "commercial-ness". She's cute, she's 17, and she's not horrible. Although, WHY didn't she sing Rhianna like Kara told her to?

After the judges' praises of Anoop, I got a little worried for Matt, who I'm also liking more and more.

Matt finally gave up on wanting to be Coldplay - or, at least, he accepted the fact that the judges won't let him do that. And I liked his performance, for the most part, but I'll agree parts were overdone.

Anoop - I just can't like. I try. But he's done Bobby Brown 2 weeks in a row (he didn't get ribbed for it like Tatiana did) and both times it's like a weird Karaoke deal with dirty dancing thrown in (note to Anoop: you're not good looking enough to grind a microphone pole and look sexy, so stop)

But, I am happy about the surprise 13th person. And I'm excited to FINALLY get out of this format and on to the actual voting!!

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