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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do I Care Yet?

I am not entirely sure that I do. I didn't take notes tonight and had to watch Hell's Kitchen after so my memory may be a bit off.

Ok...I'm getting it back. I like Jesse. I think she is original. Frankly I'm sick of the girls with the *big voices* overemoting Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce and whoever else is the flavor of the day (although Whitney is clearly not the flavor these days unless you favor the flavor of cocaine). Simon said Jesse *almost made it*. I think there must have been a struggle between Simon, who wanted Jesse, and Kara, who for some reason has been in love with Jasmine from day one. Its almost innappropriate how much Kara is in love with Jasmine even coaching her last night on which artist's song she should choose. So, I will say that while Jasmine did perform better tonight, she is just like every other girl with a big voice and I hope she goes home soon.

Matt and Ricky. I think that was another close call. I was not as impressed wth Matt's blues as the judges were. I thought he overdid it and was at times almost comical. Still, I'm not upset at the choice.

Von Smith. Boy he had a bad night, even for him. I think he may have a stage mom from hell as I recall something he said in Hollywood week about listening more to the judges and less to his parents about how he should sing. All I could think of is the Youtube video where the little baby starts crying as he watches Von sing on TV and actually I burst out laughing during the final part of his song. Kara said it was dark. I think it was comical. He clearly was under way too much pressure but in my opinion he shouldn't have been on that stage at all. It should have been Ju'not.

Meghan made it through and I am glad although tonight I liked Jesse better. They are both *originals* and I guess only one *original* could make it through particularly when you have a 17 year old with a *big voice* that Kara is obviously in love with.

I am glad they made Anoop number 13. However, I'm not so in love wth him as others are.

Who am I forgetting? Oh yes. Tatiana. I loved how Paula called her on her *new* accent and Tatiana's lame explanation about being so emotional. Haha! She put on that accent in her video the first week. Hey, everyone loves Jorge, right? I can see her calculating mind saying *oh they will love me too if I am Latina*. I almost stood up and cheered when she sang that sorry, dated, Whiney ballad again. I knew then she was done for. Whoever was pulling for her (I'm thinking Paula because drunk, medicated, or sober she really cannot judge people's characters and was a softie for Tatiana's dramatics.) finally had to give her up. Of course, she had to use the most camera time of anyone, going down on her knees in front of Ryan, weeping copiously when eliminated forcing Meghan to comfort her and lose her moment of glory. The best part of the show for me was Simon tearing into her about lying about why she chose that song again and staring at her in absolute disgust as Paula tried to encourage her in her future endeavors. I bet Simon had to agree to put her into the wildcard round in order to get Jesse through. A side note, the camera flashed on Kai in the audience when they announced Meghan made it through and he was almost cheering. I mean these people know her the best. If they hate her guts thats a good enough character reference for me.

But, until she resurfaces on some other reality show we are done with Tatiana. And really, does she only know one song?

Ok...now we get down to business and maybe I can develop a favorite. Jasmine is not it.

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