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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Life Won't Suck Without Them

Somewhere on this blog, or the Eagle blog or on the American Idol forum I said that Jasmine robbed Jesse and Jorge robbedJu'not. Looks lke America agrees with me.

Ironically, I thought Jorge's performance last night and tonight was the best he has ever done and my heart broke for him because the judges have been praising him for doing the exact same thing up until last night. THEN they noticed he was dated and old fashioned. Have no clue why Jasmne was even brought back for the wild card other than Kara has written a song she thinks will work with her voice.

I'm glad Megan is still there. She needs help with her song choices for sure. But the great thing is that is looks like these kids really all like each other a lot and Tatiaina is not there.

I doubt if the judges are going to have to use their save this year. KK thinks its because of Vote For the Worst. I'm thinking that they decided that the hicks in America wouldn't vote for a gay man and so they wanted to save Adam. I actually like Adam more as a person than as a singer. When questioned about those internet pictures of him being flamboyantly gay his response was...well I am who I am...so what. By the same token he obviously doesn't curl my toes so or elicit an ounce of emotion in me when I hear him sing so I will not be voting for him at this point.

Plus he is a screamer. Male or Female, I don't go for screamers.

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