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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

This week's theme may be top 100 Ipod downloads which means I will not have heard any of those songs.

Joss Stone has an appropriate name. I googled her and her real name is Jocelyn something that begins with S so I'm thinking her love for the weed led her to her stage name.

Megan has one more chance with me. If she screws up again this week I will have to join the chorus of *why is she still there?*. I think she has some raw talent but NO experience.

Judging by the chat boards I was not the only one who found the Joss Stone/Smokey duet somewhat creepy given their age disparity. Same could be said for Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood I guess except that we are talking father/daughter age difference with them as opposed to great-grandfather/ granddaughter with Smokey and Joss.

I'm wondering if Lil Rounds is really that good. Compared with prior divas like Jennifer Hudson and Melinda and yes, even Sayesha.

Danny Gokey does have a big head literally and figuratively.

Why does everyone hate Scott? Is it because he is dorkey? Who gave him those pink pants anyway? That was really cruel!

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