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Friday, March 27, 2009

Back to the oil fields.

I pulled for Michael in the beginning, but it became apparent rather quickly that he wasn't going to win the show. And I'm glad he made the tour, but I'd be willing to bet his future in the music industry will end when the tour does.

I was shocked - cursing out loud shocked - when Matt was in the bottom three. Wrong. Wrong I say!

I'm a huge fan of Joss Stone and loved her duet with Smokey. Even if she was clearly stoned out of her mind.

I also love Stevie Wonder (who doesn't) and thought his medley was awesome. I did get a kick out of the contestants pretending they knew all the words.

And I vow right here and now to never, ever watch another group "performance" unless they immediately go back to actual SINGING, not lip-synching. It's obvious, it's ridiculous. It's not like the dancing is so involved they have to lip-synch - there's no reason they shouldn't be singing live.

If Joss Stone can do it 1/2 strung out, they can to. Welcome to show biz.

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