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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There is a Ring of Fire Reserved for Adam

right next to the Man in Black himself who will make Adam listen to country music for the rest of eternity with an occasional break for Alvin and the Chipmunks Chistmas album. June Carter Cash, who wrote Ring of Fire, perhaps one of the best songs ever written country or otherwise, will cook delicious country meals in front of Adam and feed him Rye Crisps and water for all of eternity.

Seriously, the Cash/Carter heirs should immediately revoke licenses to any songs written by June and/or Johnny from American Idol for allowing Adam to trash that song. Its one thing to put your own spin on a song. Another thing to mock it. I hope America votes him off. Of course, he will be saved but I still hope America votes him off to wipe that silly arrogant smirk off of his overly made up face. I will NEVER vote for him because he ruined one of my favorite songs of all time.

I have no idea who will be voted off. I thought Scott did better than the judges thought he did. Same with Lil. I didn't think Matt was as good as the judges thought he was. He is beginning to sound the same with every song he sings....breathy breathy....cannot pronounce the words...breathy. Talk about the piano getting in the way of a performane. He is only the piano to me now.

I wish they wouldn't try to make Alexis *dirty*. Kara is ridiculously sex obsessed and I wish she would just stop it. I liked Alexis' Jolene although she didn't hit her high note well. Hardly anyone did tonight except for maybe Anoop but maybe he didn't try that stupid high falsetto that seems all the rage this year and that everyone tries to put into their songs but only 2 or 3 can hit it. I hoped Megan would do Patsy Cline and I think the judges were kind to her tonight because it really was not very good and I love her. But knowing she had the flu explained some of the problems she had. At one point during the song I actually had a vision of her as a big band era singer ala Rosemary Clooney.

Little Allison was very good. I just don't think people like her for some reason and I do not know why.

If I had to guess, I would say its Michael Sarver's turn to go or maybe Megans. I voted for both of them tonight but my piddly few votes are not going to be e nough to save them.

Down with Adam Lambert.

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