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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shock! Shock, I say!

No, not because of who went home. If you've been watching the show at all, you knew it would be those 2.

But because Allison was in the bottom 3. Wrong! It was just wrong! (I clearly didn't push the redial button enough.)

While I do realize she'll likely be voted off right after Matt, it would have been a travesty if Matt and Anoop got to stay and she didn't. I'm glad she's around for another week.

She and Matt both have to seriously step it up next week if they have any chance of performing again.

Kris appears to have fallen in with the "chosen" two ... it should be interesting to see if he can beat out Gokey for the coveted slot against Adam. I've vowed to vote for ANYBODY besides Gokey and Adam in the final 3. And now I know just how MUCH I have to push that redial button for it to count for something!

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