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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apparently it's me ...

I think I'm going to start cheering for Gokey next week, because I'm clearly cursed. I JUST start to cheer for Adam, and look what happens!

Obviously, I would've liked to see Gokey in the bottom three before Adam. But when it gets down to it, they're all probably going to be there soon. There's only 4 left - that's just basic math. If Gokey avoids it all season, I might just avoid AI all next season (okay, that's clearly an empty threat).

As far as the stupid "pick sides" game that Ryan makes everybody play - I think Adam GOT that he was in the bottom three, and went over with the 2 that he thought were there with him. After all, Simon was all over Matt's performance last night, for some reason. And I'm actually glad that he didn't sit in the middle like some spoiled temper-tantrum throwing child - Pukaletta ruined that move for me forever. And Adam's closer to my age, he's not 16 - I'm glad he acted like an adult.

I also have to confess: I did not watch Matt's last performance (I was over him, anyway), only watched a small portion of Natalie Cole's performance (she's beautiful and wonderful, as always), and listened to about 3 notes out of Taylor Hicks (who I still can't believe beat Daughtry and Kat McPhee, but he IS funny in fast-foward). And, although I like the actual song "Blame It", I had to skip Jamie Foxx's performance, too (because without T Pain's live voice, it sounded like he was singing with a robot).

It was 10:00, I'm pregnant ... the DVR is my best friend. I apologize for my piss-poor blogging.

I may not know the Rat Pack - but Slash, I know!! His guitar riffs were burned into my brain during my dark early 90's rock phase - I could probably still air-play all 6:00 minutes of the solo in Sweet Child O'Mine. And more recently I love him on Guitar Hero (although it took me several tries to beat him). I'm dying to see how drugged out he is, and if he can actually function enough to give the contestants decent advice.

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