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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sing Us A Song You're the Piano Man

I think if Matt had sung that song last night like he did tonight, Kris or Adam would be going home. This may explain Simon's critiques. He listens to the studio versions, forms his opinions, and then sort of zones out on the live performances. Because, I thought Matt did that song brilliantly tonight and I don't think it was only because I was relieved that my precious Allison was safe. I am quite sure he hit a lot of flat notes last night, put in way too many weird falsetto changes etc. Tonight, I didn't see that. Good for Matt going out on a good performance.

Adam, bless his heart, screwed the pooch tonight. Doesn't he know that in this situation he is supposed to sit on the floor between the two groups as did Melinda and Archie? Then, he cannot count. Its the BOTTOM three not the top three. So...you are in the bottom 3. He looked shocked when asked to move and told he was in bottom 3 and this will not bode well for votes because people like humility as false as it may be in Gokey's case.

Gokey is looking at other people's performances (and probably Simon's secret e-mail to him) and is now watching David Cook videos. Please Adam...in the name of truth, justice and the American way vanquish this dark spot from our TV screen!

Loved Natalie Cole. She looks great for her years and her history. Taylor HIcks. I don't know. I would probably like his music better if I could hear him sing over the band and if I didn't have to look at him. Searched frantically for the mute button while Jamie Foxx did his hip hop rap crap which was all some synchronized voice anyway. He was gracious about all the contestants. Bad Idol producers. He agreed to do this and took it seriously and through 2 shows Ryan forgets to promote his movie

Next week is rock. Not good for Adam because that will be two *theatrical* performances in a row. Lets just be frank here. When people say *theatrical* they mean he is acting too gay. I'm thinking go for it...I think Adam held back last night and that hurt you. And who in the heck is Slash and what does he/she/they know about Rock and Roll?

Still, I'm not sure America is going to forgive Adam for thinking he was safe tonight despite the evidence so...go Allison and go Kris. The forces of evil are about to descen on our land complete with heart shaped hands promoting Lenscrafters so step it up up up!

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