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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Auntee's Predictions for Tuesdays Performances

Or, more accurately, for the Judges reaction thereto. This week the contestants are singing songs from the year that they were born. I will know none of them because they are all infants. But...I think I know what they will do, nevertheless, and more important, how the judges will rate them. Here, in my predicted order of performance:

1. Lil. She gets the number 1 spot because the judges have fallen out of love with her and she hasn't done a single interesting thing from their point of view. She will once again attempt to pick the Diva that will make the judges happy. If Mary J Blige did not have a song out in the year of her birth she will be panned. My guess is she will choose a Whitney or Mariah song.

2. Adam. I have no idea what he will do but it will be surprising and according to the judges, *genius* even if he drops his pants. In fact, Kara will probably like that.

3. Matt. He will go back to an R&B song, even though he hates them because that is what Kara wants him to do. He will do a good job and they will love him again. The audience at home will not.

4. Anoop. He will sing a ballad and do it very well. They will praise his vocals but find something a little bit off about it so the audience at home will feel ok about not voting for him.

5. Kris. He has a hard act to follow as he was their crown prince last week (and I thought very good but not as good as the judges thought) and will deliver a solid performance and get good but not ecstatic reviews.

6. Scott. They are done with praising him. He got his moment last week and now they are ready for him to go. He could be the second coming of Elton John, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles and they will still say he sounds like he's singing for a cruise ship.

7. Danny. He will sing a song about losing the love of his life reminding us once again that his wife is dead. He will give Kara goosebumps even if he breaks wind in her face.

8. Allison. She gets the pimp spot because the judges want to keep a girl around and lets face it they hate Lil now. She will do a super job and be named the *best performance of the night* in hopes that the audience at home will vote for her. I probably will.

Let's see how accurate I am!

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