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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kara, It Looks Like You Made A Poopy!

Even Ryan knows Kara is full of it!

My song order prediction was way off but I think the judges (and the contestants) lived up to my expectations pretty closely tonight.

Danny didn't sing about losing the love of his life but he certainly managed to remind us of her as he has no one to stand by him. He hit several flat notes that the judges simply ignored as they lavished their praise upon his big head. Great...its now even bigger. I frankly thought his performance was pretty over the top bad. Dare I say *indulgent?*

I don't know what Kris was doing in the middle of those tweenies singing that stupid song. He defied my expectations the most this week but not in a good way. The judges were a little more harsh than I thought they would be but they didn't completely pan him. My prediction about him pretty much missed the mark.

Lil did NOT pick the right diva and probably SHOULD have picked Mariah or Whitney. The judges predictably panned her because she didn't sing Mary J (who was mentioned by one of them once again). Damn girl just pick a Mary J song and sing it for them will you?
She will be around because I think she has a strong fan base but boy she is getting her head knocked around.

Anoop quit dancing and sang a ballad and did it very well and the judges praised him for it a bit more lavishly than I expected. Keep singing the ballads Anoop. And what was with the apology to Kara? More on that later.

Scott is now officially the Vote For the Worst website's new pick. Why did he listen to Paula. And he is talking back too! Good for him. They are done praising him. Everyone knows it probably even him. I didn't like the guitar but I have never thought he is as awful as everyone says he is. Danny Gokey farts a flat note and its roses. Scott's voice breaks on a falsetto and its well...a big old stinking fart. They are sick of accommodating his challenge and want him gone gone gone. I suspect he will be.

Allison is the only one I care enough about to vote for. She did great tonite and they praised her lavishly as I predicted. I wish I knew why people didn't like her more. Maybe its her rocker edge. Maybe she isn't pretty enough. I like her though. I didn't think I wanted a teen idol but I've changed my mind. Besides she caw cawed with Megan. I liked that.

Well, Matt looks like he finally learned that he has to sing bluesy songs to get Kara excited. Praise praise praise. I don't know if America will vote for him or not. I'm not in touch with him.

Adam did have the best performance of the night. And hes a redhead! He has toned down his flaming gayness and now the old ladies like me will vote for him. Well, I won't because I still haven't forgiven him for Ring of Fire but I will say this. If he beats Gokey in the final, I won't go so far as to drink champagne but I will laugh my self silly!

Now for the Anoop apology. I had forgotten what he said to Kara. Who cares what they say to Kara. But his apology was prompted by the big flap over Megan telling Simon *she didn't care* what he thought of her performance last week. The message boards are going crazy with Megan haters because she was *disrespectful* to Simon. So, I guess Anoop wanted to nip any of that in the bud. The deal is nobody was talking about him disrespecting Kara because no one likes Kara and no one cares if they talk back to her.

Really, by the way some of those people on the message boards are talking about Megan's exit last week, you would have thought she had given the finger to Simon, smashed the microphone in Ryan's face, ripped the bling off of Randy's neck, kicked Kara in the crotch, and dumped Paula's drink on her head. And then turned to her fellow contestants and knocked Gokey's glasses off, torn out Lil's weave, knocked Scott off the stage, smashed Kris's guitar, poked a stick at Matt's mole, shaved off Anoop's eyebrows, ripped Adam's earrings out and splashed peroxide on Allison's red hair. And to top it all off told the audience to kiss her patootie, dropped her pants and mooned America.

Never one to stand for injustice, I have been defending her all week. This is worse than my Stephen Fowler obsession!

We will see what happens tomorrow night. DialIdol.com has Kris in the bottom 3. I think the audience is very fickle this year.

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