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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bye Bye Lil!

Simon basically said after the first performance that Lil is dead to him when he told Allison she is the girls' only hope this year. So you knew he would hate what she did. I'm glad Lil talked back. She did try to change up the song. I wasn't fond of some of her changes but at least she tried. She is the Vote For the Worst choice this week and I really hope they save her just to make Simon pissed. I think she has been given the shaft. I bet there wasn't a Mary J. Blige song on her stupid approved list. She probably had to choose between Whitney, Celine and Bette. Injustice. And I don't even like her.

Allison was highly praised and I like her performance but not as much as some of her others. I will go in and vote for her during Law and Order commercials because going first usually means less votes. And she doesn't deserve to be in the bottom 3.

Anoop listened to Tarentino and had a good performance. Randy and Kara liked it and so did I and I think he will probably stay around another week.

Well, just as I was getting over Ring of Fire, Adam takes another of my all-time favorite songs and ruins it with his preening. I'm sure if I listened to it and didn't have to watch it I would like it. But, I had to watch it.

For all of those who mocked Scott's voice, I can only say *Matt Giraud*. You know not to expect much when Quentin Tarentino says *I think it will be one of his best 3 performances*. The most interesting thing about this performance was the judging. As Kara was speaking, they showed Simon in the backround with his mouth open and his head bobbing along to her cadences. I'm just guessing that he was mocking her.

Danny Gokey is consistent as he sings *Don't Forget My Wife Is Dead And I Have Deep Emotions*. Oh..sorry...it was *Endless Love.* Quentin Tarentino tells him to cut out the hand movements, but Danny knows better and keeps them in. I probably wouldn't have noticed them if he hadn't so blatantly disregarded advice from Quentin. I thought he hit several flat notes and that it was boring.

I had never heard the song Kris sang and cannot remember the name of it. I loved it. I agreed with Kara. I think it was the best performance of the night.

Now for my pet peeve. Will these people QUIT trying to imitate Adam by singing those falsetto notes out of nowhere? None of them can do it except for Adam. Even Lil got into the act tonight by ending The Rose on that high note which was just what an amateur would do. Please....just STOP it.... It is not necessary and only ruins what was shaping up to be a pretty good performance. Only Allison has resisted that temptation and I like her all the better for it.

And, finally, I guess the producers have somewhat admitted that adding a 4th judge to the mix is just too time-consuming.

On a personal note: I fell asleep on the couch watching judge shows. I had one of those *panic* dreams. I was a contestant on Idol and the performance was in 20 minutes and I hadn't learned my song. I could not find a piano to practice it on and didn't know the words or the music. So I find the head judge who was the Dean of my Law School but was called Dr. Phil for some reason and said I wanted to drop out. He told me the contract required that I sing. Fortunately, I woke up just as the real Idol was coming on TV and didn't have to face dream humiliation.

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