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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Saved the Save ... Phew.

I started to get a little nervous when Simon said "two of us want you to stay, and two of us don't" (it's pretty clear that the girls' "role" is to pretend to want to save everybody). I thought for a minute that they'd actually waste the Save on Scott. I'm so glad they Saved the Save.

Not that Scott isn't a nice guy, I'm sure he is. But Allison has been in the bottom 3 several times. I have a feeling she's going to need the Save. And Scott had gone from boring, to not great, to awful.

And unlike Tee, I was annoyed by Paula's speech at the end. They don't do that for everybody ... only the blind guy. If Scott is going to try to get into the music business, he needs to learn that it's tough, and he's not going to be coddled just because he's visually impaired. (Not that HE expects that. But Paula felt that he needed it - and that's what was annoying.)

Frankie Avalon was the show stealer!! I don't even think the judges knew he was actually going to be there to perform! That was absolutely wonderful!

I'm a big fan of Flo Rider, too. I thought the performance was awesome - that girl could SING! What I did not like is how they bleeped out his website. Let the man plug himself ... he just sang on your show!

Kellie Pickler was okay. I wasn't a huge fan when she was on the show, either. But I do love that she's super successful. My husband loved that she's totally rearranged her entire body and face since she was a competitor.

I'm not looking forward to next week. I know I'm going to have to learn to like Disney in the next 9 months to a year ... but I just don't like Disney now.

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