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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ga Ga Gagging and Caw Caw Cawing

Well, to everything there is a season and it is a fitting irony that Megan's season ended just as I saw the first rockin' robin in my backyard today. I really had hopes for her but she disappointed me show after show and I could only muster a few perfunctory votes for her last night. You have to hand it to her though, she h as nerve and a sense of humor. When she *caw cawed* over to the bottom 3 stools I had to laugh. She has been of course the choice of the Vote For the Worst website ever since her Rockin Robin performance which she ended with *caw caw* and they mocked her mercilessly for it so she got the last laugh.

I think I have finally figured her out a little bit based on her reactions to the judges over these past two or three weeks and tonight. She is the girl in school who had the *bad attitude* because she didn't respect stupid authority. I know because I was that girl myself (my mom had to have several talks with the nuns about my lack of proper respect). Still..I got over that at about age 15 so she has some growing up to do if she wants to be seriously successful in any grown up endeavor. You learn to keep your mouth shut even if the authority is stupid Kara barking the same old things every week.

The inside scoop (see there is a reason you read this blog...you don't have idle time to idol surf on the net) is that it was Megan's brother heckling that set Kara off last night. Evidently he yelled out *broken record* at Kara's comments. This resulted in Kara and her bodyguards approaching him during the break and he gave her some more sass. I'm guessing that despite Megan's comments about not caring what Simon said tonight that pretty much killed any save for her. For details go to votefortheworst.com. Because Kara is an *artiste* and takes herself very seriously. Evidently Megan is not the only one in her family with an *attitude problem*.

Now on to the highlight of the show ... David Cook. Seeing him again made me realize that this group is really lame. Really lame. Another idol commentator pointed out that by this stage of the show we had seen Hello, Eleanor Rigby, and Billie Jean. There is not one performance from anyone this year which compares to any of those three.

Is Lady GaGa Adam Lambert in drag? No..I seem to recall her last year doing some other stupid song. She has a voice and she can dance but she seems to be a composite of every outre performer for the past 30 years from Liza on. And I hated that song. I guess it shows how old I am because that #1 song sounded like #2 to me.

Now for some local gossip. As you may know, our Wichita Eagle Idol blog was commandeered by Phil Stacey (#6 two years ago) a Wichita native from Denise Neil the local writer. His entries have been very stale to me compared to Denise and her frank opinions and sense of humor. Last night there was a mini-revolt against him for writing a one paragraph synopsis of the show with very little commentary of his own. I was not the leader of the revolt. Turns out he writes blogs for at least 4 other papers including the LA times and they get a much more interesting version. I know from guest blogging that the Eagle does not limit the word on the internet blogs so it is not a space issue. He is just dissing Wichita and the natives are restless!

After 2-3 posters complained about him and pointed out his inattention to our little blog I said perhaps Denise can fill in for him when he is too busy to blog Wichita. I hope she will be back next year (if Idol survives).

So..he comes on and blogs tonight and totally ignores the complaints and comments about his blogging.

Ok..I know you readers WISH I would be more concise but between the cawing and the gagging and David Cook and the Phil Stacey gossip I just had to go on and on and on.

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