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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Simon Says

Lil, Anoop, and Matt must be in the bottom 3 and that is probably what America will do. I would gladly throw he who shall not be named in the bottom three instead of any of the above. More on that in a moment.

Poor Lil. I thought she did great tonight. Much better than previous performances but the script had been written. They didn't really have much to criticize about the actual performance. Back to lack of artistry and originality and the arrangement wasn't any good. She has embarassed them by not living up to their pre-show hype and she must go. Now.

Kris blew me away tonight for the 2nd week in a row. I had no idea what disco was going to sound like with an acoustic guitar. I loved it and am going to vote for him tonight because I hope he makes it to the finals.

Allison was a bit of a disappointment to me tonight forthe 2nd week in a row but still a solid performance. They didn't like the arrangement but unlike with Lil, they praised her.

Adam Lambert is just in a class by himself. I wondered if he would do a slow tempo song (he seems to alternate) and I couldn't believe how different that song sounds when sung in the way he sang it. I have decided I like him. He also gave credit to the person who helped him with the arrangment which was a nice touch.

Can we throw Matt Giraud back? Please? As I was watching, I thought it was frantic, as much of an *all over the place* performance as Lil's, if not worse and there was not a darn thing original about it except that it sounded way way worse than the original. A cheeesy song choice, uninspired arrangement (but unlike with Lil that didn't matter to 3 of the judges because he can sing...I beg to differ!)

They finally gave Anoop the pimp spot. The boards have been all over the place decrying the unfair treatment of Anoop so maybe the producers wanted to throw his fans a bone. He has a slightly more edgy look. I anticipated that it would be called boring. Three of the judges liked it, but Simon wants to make sure Anoop is in the bottom three so he hated it of course. But, basically, Anoop is sort of boring.

Now for he who shall not be named (HE). One of my husband's favorite movies is a cult classic called Hollywood Knights about a group of teenagers engaged in all sorts of vulgar pranks on a Halloween night in the late 1950's or early 1960's. (Sort of like American Graffiti without the artistry and with bathroom humor). They are inspired to mayhem by the closing of their favorite hangout which is being torn down to make way for a park or something. The main character, played by Robert Wuhl, shows up at the highshool talent show and steals the show by farting along with the song *Volare*. (If you know the song, use your imagination). A young Fran Drescher also appears in this movie and is apalled at his behavior and starts screaming in her Fran Drescher voice *HE'S FAHTING THE SUONG!). Well, earlier this week I said on the Idol boards that HE would be praised if he farted the song. He did. In fact some of his dance moves would have made Robert Wuhl proud!. A more unoriginal, cheesy, karaoke performance I have seldom seen on idol. HE is someone I do not like and I will vote for anyone over him in the final.

Predictions: Lil goes. Probably Anoop. Maybe Matt.

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