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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Adams Fan's Are Up in Arms!

And clearly, Perez Hilton is one of them. Allison's situation is no different from Archuletta's except that she won $50,000 less. David Cook had released his own album (which went nowhere) And St. Gokey was just up for some award from the Christian Music Association for one of his recordings (he lost btw). Yes, its frustrating when they bring in plants but as long as they are not obviously showing favoritism (like they did with Joanna Pancitti who forgot her words THREE TIMES in Hollywood) its just the way they are doing things.

As you know, I read and comment on the Official American Idol Fan Forum (I know, I'm sick). The Adam fans were in absolute shock that he could be in the bottom 3, let alone the bottom 2. They have 2 or 3 theories as to why this might be: 1) The producers lied and Adam wasn't in the bottom 3 let alone the bottom 2...probably Allison or Gokey was and Idol just wanted to create drama; 2) Adam's fans are so generous that they all decided to vote for Allison this week instead of Adam because they knew Adam was going to be safe; 3) Last Sunday every Christian preacher in the country told his congregation not to vote for Adam because he is gay.

They are also instigating a call/write in campaign to Ford and Coca Cola protesting the *humiliation* of Adam. As far as I can tell this consisted of asking Adam to choose which group he was in. Their rationale is that even though this routine has been used in every other season, they only used it on *safe* contestants and it was unfair to use it on Adam because he was in the bottom 3. Or that the routine is unfair in general. Of course they are completely ignoring the fact that Adam is, in idol history, the only contestant with the hubris to actually CHOOSE sides and that in doing so HE humiliated Matt and Kris. There is also a bit of rumbling about how awful it was of Kara and Randy to gloat that they were *right* in their critiques last week (even though it was poor Matt they were gloating about) but that usually consists of how mean Randy and Kara were to poor Adam who had to stand next to poor Matt and be humiliated by association with an occasional *oh yes, I felt bad for Matt too.*. These people are insane!

It really does make one want to reconsider voting for Adam in the finale unless of course its necessary to defeat Gokehead.

I heard about the duets too. I think it might be fun to see Danny try and fail to upstage Adam. I bet they will pair Danny with Allison in the hopes he will knock her out. And Adam with Kris with the same hopes.

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