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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dead Wife Wins; Talent Loses

Not an unexpected result, I suppose, but still aggravating. How many believe Danny really laughed when he heard his awesome scream?

Allison displayed incredible class and grace tonight (although I'm glad she shoved Danny in the group number). I'm hoping she wil have the same level of success as Daughtry.

Would it be too much to hope that the dark horse Kris can take out Danny Gokey next week? Probably. Oh well.

I am writing this from Santa Fe. Tomorrow I am spending 4 hours at the spa. As I did not buy myself a Christmas present this year, that is my treat to myself. Everything here is very expensive. For $16.00 I had one crab enchilada that was in a dish the size of a soap dish. I kid you not. Then they had the nerve to ask if I wanted plate to dish it out of the soap dish onto a second plate. I said no but they brought it anyway. So, I'm using a teaspoon to dish it from the soap dish to another small plate. I think there were about 5 good bites there which I stretched to 10 No chips either.

I hope the spa is good as tonite I go to bed hungry, sober, and nicotine deprived (oh yeah its a totally smoke free hotel too!) and having to listen to Gokey next week. Good times!

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  1. Every post/article I read after Tuesday panned Danny - so I really thought there was a good chance he would go. Vote for the Worst had chosen him for their votes so maybe that took him over the top. It was a shame Allison went home. Kris is the only one left for me to cheer for; if he goes next week, I won't even watch the final (although I will watch the final results show since they are bound to have some good acts).