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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poetic Justice?

Is how I prefer to think of last night (as opposed to the highway robbery it truly was.)

It was Rock Week. Daughtry, the best contestant to be robbed out of the Top-3 slot (beat out by the Gokey-esque Taylor Hicks) was back, flaunting his success. Gwen Stefani rocked the house with a killer tribute to "girl power". And Allison, our Rocker, sang the best rendition of Cry Baby ever done (sorry, Janis) with tears in her 17 year old eyes.

It was so, so wrong. And I only hope for Allison what I hoped for Daughtry at the time - that winning AI is not the appropriate career path, and she'll do much better on her own. And I truly believe she will.

Everyone start warming up your dialing fingers ... we can NOT allow a Gokey/Adam Finale!!!

GO KRIS! (Oh, how I hope he proves to be the dark horse after all.)

I couldn't conclude this post without a comment on Paula's performance: It was no Straight Up, but she can still dance (singing, I'm not sure about, since she didn't actually do that). I love a good comeback.

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