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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Without You (for Allison)

Taking liberties with a song I am so glad Gokey didn't sing:

*I can't watch...if watching is without you.
I can't blog...its no fun anymore
I can't cry because Idol is without you
I can't vote...I can't vote anymore*

I really missed Allison tonight. The whole night just left me cold. I didn't get choked up, goosebumps or even reach for my pen to write notes about their performances. Very lackluster tonight I thought.

Well actually I voted quite a few times for Kris but my heart wasn't really in it. I thought he did a fine job but for one bad note on that song pick by Randy and Kara. So, I hope he made it into the finals (but I doubt it as Gokey's fans are just too maniacal). And, at least he sang a current song as opposed to Gokey's 40 year old song which must have been the only one on the list this week that would remind people his wife is dead.

I missed Gokey's first performance but it looked like standard Gokey Volare fare in the playback so I guess I didn't miss much. Could have predicted his second song choice or something like it . Did he look up to heaven as he sang? I could barely watch him. I think he is personally so distasteful to me he can do nothing right. I'm beginning to think maybe it was my remark about him making me throw up in my mouth that got me banned from the official American Idol Web Site. I haven't applied for reinstatement because you have to promise to be nice in the future and I cannot promise that. Sort of like promising to sin no more after confession. Its one thing promising God you will try harder. I just cannot stomach sucking up to some 20 something Idol moderator in order to post on that board.

I read on Vote for the Worst that Gokey said something after the first song which indicated he thought he was in the finals already. Anyone who could shed some light on this, let me know.

Adam was Adam. But to tell you the truth he is getting old to me. And for the first time, I understood those people who complain about his screaming (his preening has bothered me but never his voice until tonight).

Kara acted like a complete ass tonight. You know, there is a video on Vote For the Worst of her with her dad when she is like 10-11 years old. He is an insufferable boor wanting her to sing for the cameras and then trying to outsing her with his own singing. No wonder she seems to have a personality my mother would call *different* by which she meant *very difficult to like*.

Now for my Gokey story which may or may not be true but it has the ring of truth and I know KK will relate to this. A woman wrote into Vote For the Worst saying she was a waitress in a Red Robin restaurant in Gokey's hometown and that after his big homecoming about 40 people (who were his family and close friends from his church) descended on the restaurant without notice, stayed there for 2 and 1/2 hours and not one left a tip. KK once had a similar experience with a church group. They left her a prayer card for a tip.

I'm afraid Kris is going home tomorrow. I'm thinking I'm not even going to watch the finale. I just cannot bear to see Gokey singing again.

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